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Konahriks Accoutrements - Dragon Priest Enhancement (Edhelsereg)


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Dragon Priests have more unique loot, including armor sets to match their masks.
Dragon Priests have unique abilities that will make them tougher and more interesting.
Powerful new enchantments that can be unlocked through a series of mini-quests.
Maniacally lore-friendly and balanced for maximum immersion, challenge, and fun!

I'd like the community's thoughts on my mod. Thanks!

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It just makes them Miraak's copies with Re-Textured armor' date=' nothing impressive for me.

The re-textures are only one aspect of the mod, it also:


Adds unique, lore-based enchantments for each robe

Alters all the dragon priests to make their battles more unique and challenging

Fixes the hood meshes to conform to clothing better


EDIT: I challenge you to fight the Nahkriin, Rahgot, or Volsung of my mod and then pass judgment that this is just a re-texture mod.

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I've used this mod for years and it's one that stays in my load order because unlike what iZsoul said it's not just a re-texture of Miraak's armor but one that adds a interesting amount of detail to the dragon priests which what isn't shown a lot of. The quest and new location of Revakheim feels like something that belongs in the game and gives a bit more detail into the history of the dragon priests of eras past. The fights have a good deal more to them to where they stand out more compared to running in a ruin and finding a generic dragon priest boss at the end of a dungeon. My favorite part is the detail that went into the quest and dungeon in this mod; it feels like a missing part of the game with how it fits in. The only thing of it that doesn't quite feel somewhat natural, in my opinion, is the dragon priest rematch; it feels a little videogame-y to me but not to the point where I felt it was a negative.

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Ok I realise this topic is ancient and the author appears to have long moved on to pastures new i.e. vanished from the scene but since he asked...


Parts of it are well done. Its certainly done with an attention to detail I actually liked the dragon priest rematch (never get a chance to trap Morekei's soul, you're mine now) and the extra equipment is interesting...


I wasn't so keen on the long quest to acquire the accoutrements it got a bit tedious after a while once was enough I wouldn't want to repeat it. Probably my biggest gripe was the lack of clues (wheres the place? "Find a book" we're told. What book and where? No clues). There is a (limited) wallkthrough but a bit more information would be nice. Theres also no clue as to how to open the puzzle door  - again had to look up the walkthrough.


Dungeon got very maze-y found myself getting lost all the time especially when you have to go back an forth a fair bit I resorted to noclipping through the place on at least one occasion couldn't be bothered searching for the exit again. Perhaps the most irritating lack of information was the fact that you need to have kohnarik's mask with you don't even attempt the quest otherwise its impossible to finish without it (and its a long way back to trace your steps to find the thing). You also have to go a long way in the dungeon  (and a trip back in time) to reach the dragon forge I don't think I could be bothered to go back again it needs to be more accessible. At least the re-match is easy to reach.


Overall nicely designed, tedious quest tedious dungeon. B-

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