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Part of all candles (drips) missing



I wonder if anyone can help.


I have a persistent problem I can't get to the bottom of, although I'm certain it's something really simple to fix it.


The melted wax base of all my candles has disappeared, so all candles appear as if they are floating in/on their respective holders.


The only things specifically related to candles that I can think of are Enhanced Lights & FX (although I see no candle meshes in the package), Wearable Lanterns, as well as Lanterns of Skyrim. I'm *not* using Candle Lanterns of the North (due to its current problems), and I didn't install the SMIM candle lantern mesh (I prefer the vanilla design).


I use BOSS, although I've tried fiddling with load order as well to place Wearable Lanterns and/or Lanterns of Skyrim above/below each other, and tried them below ELFX, but to no avail.


I've searched through my entire meshes folder looking for anything that looks like it relates to candle models, but can't find anything.


I've attached my BOSS list, in case that helps. It's most confusing.


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I just fixed this problem on my game. Like Wormheart says.

Either get rid of your candle retexture and use Ruins Clutter Improved textures

Or remove Ruins Clutter Improved

Or edit the candle retexture to make it compatible. It's an easy enough texturing job.

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Sorry for replying so late to this thread.


Thank you for all the input.


I was certain it couldn't be a texture problem, because I could see that the candle texture I was using had the drips visible there. It didn't occur to me that it might be a uv mapping problem, or whatever.


Anyway, a friend sent me over the texture he uses for his candles, and as soon as I popped that in the requisite folder, boom, they were back again. Problem solved.


I had been using Ruins Clutter Improved. I had no candle meshes in any of my folders though (apart from horn candles, which weren't a problem to begin with). Textures, however, I had them, and like I said, replacing them with someone else's worked. I'll have to find out which textures they were using.

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I have this problem also.  I didn't realize it was the base part for drips.  I actually was thinking that each candle was offset above, but you're right... it's one of the textures used for the candle that is transparent/missing.  Thank you for that information.  Now I have to figure out which one.

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