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STEP 2.2.5 followed to the last letter = CTD/Freeze





I'm posting after a three day strugle to find out why. Couldn't.

All core + non-core mods where installed with .ini tweaks from the guide (with and w/ Z-Fighting ones).

Discovered that Chesko's Wearable Lanterns - Caravans where causing CTDs and Diverse Priest was striping bare the poor basterds.


After cleaning all, I'm starting over. Will start with optimizing the vanilla + HRDLC (correcting via batch too) + DLCs to 2k with half normal maps.


I tried neovalen's revisited, no go. I would like to know if there is any incompatibility between mods that was not reported in the guide or anything at all that could cause this, aside from de VRAM issue (optimizing everything to cover that base right now).


Also, never passed the 2.2Gb threshold of system RAM. The freezes and CTD where next to big areas and whiterun. Sometimes going to interior areas. Random ?





P.S.-> At least I like to play around! :D

P.S.2-> Excelent guide; Neovalen's Revisited is awesome too :D


Edit: Followed DDSOpt optimization and Vanilla's BSA optimization (Sounds and Voices excluded plus everything in loose files [as well as the BSA Mods that where extracted]).

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Well, I got a stable build.


Here's what I've done:


2 Pass in DDSOpt for vanila + hrdlc + dlcs: one for *.dds capped at 2k*2k and one for *_n.* for 1k*1k. (2k textures with 1k normal maps).

Did the same with heavy texture mods, such as: SkyrimHD and Serious HD.


Installed all mods up to Clothing and Equipment (adding cloaks of skyrim) and then I started sorting out what I'd want.

The following where not installed:


**Animations & Effects**

Animated Weapons & Enchants

Better Turn Animation - Only One Pose

Burn, Freeze & Shock Effects.

Deadly Spell Impacts

Enchantment Effect Replacer - Combined

Improved Weapon Impacts

Minty Lightning Mod


Shooting Stars

Skyrim Performance Plus

Ultimate HD Fire Effects - Medium Resolution


**Clutter & Miscellaneous**


All of 'em




All of 'em




All of 'em, except:


Ars Metallica


Gildergreen Regrown

Guard Dialog Overhaul

Move It - Less Wait Time

Slightly Reduced Distance NPC Greetings


The Paarthurnax Dilemma

Run For Your Lives



One of those bugged me. I know it's a long list, but in another time I'll sort it again.

I can confirm I stand at máx 2.2Gb system RAM and 1.8Gb VRAM at large exterior areas with heavy graphics.


Stable as a rock! :D

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