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MO third party program failure



My BOSS and TES5edit won't locate the virtual skyrim that MO made, only get errors.

I have made sure MO has admin rights.


Wrye bash runs fine.


here are the errors:


TES5edit: (Version 3.0.29)

Fatal: Could not open registry key: \SOFTWARE\Bethesda Softworks\Skyrim\

This can happen after Steam updates, run game's launcher to restore registry settings


BOSS: (Version 2.1.1)

Critical Error: No game detected!

Check the Troubleshooting section of the ReadMe for more information and possible solutions.

Utility will end now.


I say again,

Wrye bash runs fine. it finds the files etc.


Please help, my install is at a halt.

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Have you actually started a game to create the .ini´s ?

You need to do this before MO can get them.


Start through the normal steam menu, and then proceed up until char generation and then quit. That should make sure you have the .ini´s


edit: Also registry entries are not made until you have started the game at least once.

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Aha! that explains! no i had not done that :D will do asap! thanks!

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