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All going well and then a sudden massive FPS loss in some places


Hi guys, firstly thank you for S.T.E.P!


I've followed STEP 2.2.5 to the letter and am benchmarking as I go. Everything was running nicely at 60FPS. I installed the Bethesda high-rez texture pack as I have 2gb of VRAM and have installed the recommended or LQ versions of all the mods.


I've been benchmarking STEP by fast travelling around to different places and running around watching the framerate. After completing STEP 2H I noticed that in some places FPS was dropping into the high 50s, for instance the road going up the mountain to Riverwood beside the waterfalls.


Not a big deal. Then I ran down the road from Solitude to Dragons Bridge and suddenly the FPS fell through the floor. Turning and looking around was like a slideshow and the FPS would cycle between 60 and as low as 1, often in the 40s. Staying still for a couple of seconds would bring it back to 60 but looking around would make it plummet again.


I've checked my VRAM useage with CPU-Z and it seems to be about 1500mb.


My system is i5-760, GTX 660, 2gb VRAM. Skyrim was a clean install and is installed on an SSD.


Graphics settings: Ultra, except shadows at high. SSAO enabled. uGrids is 5.


The only non-CORE mod I've installed is extra village animals. I've left out a couple of CORE mods that seemed too complicated to install (Improved Flora and Trees HD). Everything else is as per the STEP guide.


Any help diagnosing this problem is much appreciated. What could cause my FPS to suddenly be so low in one spot?



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