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New Version of flexcreator's Script Cleaner



Hi guys!


I've never actually posted over here before, but I've very much appreciated the expertise shown by people here and read pretty regularly. In particular, I've spent s lot of time reading through the "agony aunt" section, and have found a lot of helpful advise. So I though I'd toss in a contribution for folks with corrupted savefiles who have already tried the 30 day timeout without success:




I used the previous version of flexcreator's script scrubber as a last ditch effort to save my current character (level ~40), and I've been very, very happy with the results. That was 3 weeks ago (now level ~55), and I haven't seen any major problems since then, notwithstanding a VERY heavy load of script intensive mods.


Now, I know you STEP guys are incredibly cautious and practically never mess up - but in case you should, the guy has a new, considerably improved version of his mod. It's much easier to use AND it's supposed to restore scripts even better than before. I haven't tested the new version on my game, but it looks like a great resource.



(1) I'm not connected to this mod in any way, shape or form - just a "satisfied customer" - and I wanted to give back a little to this forum.

(2) This DOES amount to radical surgery on your savefile. It worked out great for me, but it may not for someone else. Don't just use it for kicks! 

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