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Immersive Settlements ( by Pymous)


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This lore-friendly mod aims to improve player immersion by expanding Skyrim settlements (villages, towns and cities).The mod is highly modular: each settlement has his own .esp file. V0.35:

Morthal, Falkreath, Dawnstar, Rorikstead, Riverwood, Karthwasten, Ivarstead, Dragon Bridge, Shor's Stone, Stonehills, Kynesgrove, Darkwater Crossing

This mod aims to expand Skyrim Settlements (villages, towns and cities) to bring more life and improve player immersion. The mod is lore-friendly and highly modular: each modified settlement has is own .esp file.

If you install the whole package, actual version (v0.30) contains 34 new NPC, 45 new added houses and hundred of items, objects and others details for immersion purpose.



Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

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This looks very promising - not for core STEP due to the mandate, but maybe for one of the STEP packs, when it's finished of course, as for now it's only a WIP. I'm keeping my eye on it though.


It would be good if the author included a mod compatibility section in the description though.

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Hello guys,


I am the mod author or Immersive Settlements (ImSet)

I added a "Compatibility section" like suggested by rootsrat.


Version 0.50 is out too!

Posted Image

version 0.50 Changelog:



- Added Barrack's interior

- Optimized Navmesh



- Added an exterior market

- Added 3 NPC (merchants for the market)

- Modified some previously added objects

- Added immersive details


Shor's Stone:

- Fixed some vanilla Navmesh issue

- Modified some landscape details

- Added immersive details



- Fixed some Navmesh issues

- Fixed details on some placed objects

- Modified some landscape details



- Added a stone barrack attached to wall ruins

- Linked city levels with "old stone stairs"

- Small update to previously added ship

- Eddited Navmesh

- Eddited some landscape details

- Fixed some minors details

(thanks to Tnyhy for many suggestions and details report for this Dawnstar update v0.50)



- Fixed some tree issue (thanks to raikuken for suggestion)

- Fixed some Navmesh details

- Added some immersive details



- Fixed some minor clipping (thanks to Tnyhy for reporting)

- Eddited some landscape details



- Fixed Blacksmith excessive gold bug (thanks to Derialund for reporting)


Orc Strongholds:

- Narzulbur: Fixed campfire clipping (thanks to Tnyhy for reporting)

- Narzulbur: Fixed defense wall "weak point" (thanks to Tnyhy for suggestion)

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Hello Pymous and welcome to the forums. :) I must say I'm very interested in this mod as it looks great judging from the screens. My hesitation is for two reasons, one which was brought up in the post above yours - performance. What can you say about the performance impact?


My second issue is actually also one of the strengths of the mod - modularity. It's great that you have the option for a single .esp per settlement, but it's also an issue for many of us that are close to (or at) the limit for .esp-files that Skyrim has. Would it be possible to have an all-in-one option as well? Cheers!


Edit: Installed 3 modules (randomly chosen) to have a look around for performance drops etc, and noticed there are some ITM's that needs cleaning in TES5Edit. Riverwood had 15, Orc Settlements 6 and Dawnstar 21. I assume the rest have some as well but haven't looked at them yet! Just figured I'd let you know, though I suppose it might've been mentioned on Nexus as well. :)


Edit 2: OK! I had some time to run around Riverwood and Dawnstar to check out the changes done to those 2 settlements, and I'm very impressed. It still feels like very much like vanilla, but just... more. :) It all fits in very well. Loved the "wall" at Dawnstar for example. Only 'negative' thing I can report from what I saw was that all the added items, such as the apothecary in Riverwood and her chest etc, was up for grabs without it being a crime. Considering the chest has 3000 septims that is rather big - but as this is still an early version it's obviously a forgivable oversight. ;) Performance-wise I noticed no dip whatsoever in Riverwood or Dawnstar.


Conclusion: :thumbsup: I like what I saw and will definitely keep checking for updates for this mod. An all-in-one esp option for those who just want to add everything would be VERY appreciated (mod uses 13 esp thus far, that is a lot when 255 esm/esp is the max).

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Salut le canard :)

Great mod, it really made some villages look like more a village than a settlement.

I also think a all-in-one esp would be great.


Continue, c'est du super boulot/Keep going, it's great work.

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Hello guys,


Thank you Vond for testing.

To respond to some of your questions:

- Yes a merged single .esp file is planned, but only for a future and more complete version (probably not before 1.0 which will include all actuals modified settlements pushed to stage 8)

- Yes cleaning is important, I did if for last update but forgot to check for this one.

- Thank you for reporting "access" to apothecary chest. It's a bug, I just forgot to locked this chest (all others should be inaccessible). I'll fix it for next update.

- Yes actually you can grab objects without "officially stealing" them. It's just temporary because most I'll move most of merchants inside their "storehouse" as soon as I design their interiors. I just don't want to loose time because most of these objects will be moved inside


@z929669: Ok thank you, I'll send you a PM on nexus

@Referne: Salut and thank you :)


Thank you again everyone and if you have any ideas/suggestions/comments, feel free to share them :)

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Thank you peppergomez ;)


By the way Immersive Settlements v0.53 is out!



And I was surprised to see my mod is actually in the "Files of the Month" category! https://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/modsofthemonth/

Thanks to all guys who are supporting the development!

And if you have ideas or suggestions to improve the mod, don't forget to share them ;)


Posted Image

version 0.53 Changelog:


Whiterun (exterior):

- Added 16 structures/houses around Whiterun

- Added an Inn (not functional in v0.53)

- Added an exterior marketplace (not functional in v0.53)

- Expanded exterior Whiterun entrance "bastion"

- Expanded and new farming fields around Whiterun

- Added 6 NPC (farmers with basic AI package for now)

- Added furniture and immersive details



- Added a small stable




version 0.52 Changelog:



- Added +4 NPC (total= 8)

- Designed 5 house interiors (total= 5/5)

- Added Immersive details



- Added +1 NPC (total= 4)

- Added 2 house interior (total= 2/2)



- Added +2 NPC (total= 5)

- Added 2 house interior (total= 3/4)


Whiterun (Exterior) (new):

- Added

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The mod seems like it could noticeably improve immersion so I'm interested in trying it. I checked some of the esp files in the new version (0.53) with TES5Edit, and all of the files I checked had a fairly large number of ITMs. Are these intentional or are they errors?

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Hello guys,

Just to let you know v0.54 is out! (and all ITM were cleaned :p)


Posted Image

Version 0.54 is Out!


Hello guys!


First I would like to thank you all for your support! I was so surprised when I saw the mod on "Files of the month" list of June, and even more surprised about the result: 3rd place! Thank you! :)


But let's talk about this new version, v0.54. This one feature a new .esp file : "Immersive Solstheim". It requires Dragonborn DLC so you'll need to download it from the "optional files" section. For now I made only modifications to Raven Rock. You'll see others moderates changes to Dragon Bridge, Dushnikh Yal and finally smaller ones to Whiterun, Rorikstead, Stonehills and Ivarstead.

I was quite busy last month in my personal and professional life and this will be the same the next month so don't expect next release before early september.


I hope you'll enjoy the update and don't forget that you can leave ideas/suggestions and report bugs so I can continue to improve the mod ;)

Thank you!


Version 0.54 Changelog:


NEW .esp file: "Immersive Solstheim.esp" !REQUIRES DRANGONBORN DLC!

In v0.54 only Raven Rock was modified.

"Immersive Solstheim.esp" can be downloaded from "Optional Files" (due to DLC requirement)


Raven Rock (Solstheim):

- Added 8 new houses/buildings

- Added a new wall and gatehouse to the West exit of the town

- Added some immersive details

- Eddited Navmesh

- Added 1 NPC (guard)


Orc Strongholds:

- Added new structures to Dushnikh Yal

- Added +5 Orcs NPC to Dushnikh Yal and Mor Khazgur (basic AI package for now)

- Added some furnitures and immersive details



- Modified a house placement to open a clear path toward the barrow. This should fix some minor issue with an "Interesting NPC" quest (thanks to shamayne for reporting)

- Fixed some small details


Dragon Bridge:

- Added a small fortified garnison

- Added a watchtower

- Added 4 guards (basic AI package)


Whiterun (exterior):

- Expanded some fields

- Added new structure

- Added some immersive details

- Added +4NPC (Merchants)

- Optimized navmesh



- Restored 1 Bethesda unused NPC: Talib

- Restored 1 Bethesda unused NPC: Argi Farseer

- Added a new house: Argi's house (basic design for now)



- Expanded farming fields even more

- Added new structures



- Fixed most of the guards templates to use Vanilla ones (should fix "bounty" problems during the civil war quest)

- All Files were cleaned with TES5Edit.

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