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First-Person Messages (by ashiraniir)


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https://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/6410#  This is basically the same thing as TTYM - Think To Yourself Messages as far as I can tell.  Works with Frostfall and two others (Better Vampires, TRO), which I dont use.

Mod Testing

  • What are the conflicts with TTYM? (i.e., overlap)
  • What are the differences from TTYM?
  • Which is better, this one or TTYM?
  • Clean plugin?
  • Bugs?
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Currently in the process of looking other both mods and doing a detailed analysis. Here's what I'm coming up with (still working on it).

Thanks again for doing this. I probably would have agreed to using either competing mod over vanilla had I sided with the masses ... both TTYM and FPM have some improvements in certain examples, but they both also have some really annoying messages too. I don't prefer the journal-like treatment of the interface in FPM, and TTYM uses thing like "I can't shout, I'm casting a spell!" ... this is not something the char would "announce" internally. I prefer the game telling me why I can't perform a particular action.


Vanilla seems to have nothing downright silly, so I will not be using (or recommending) the two competing mods as an improvement over vanilla (I have seen enough).


Curious to know your thoughts based on this compare so far.

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Now that I think about it, having the game tell me messages in third person, while it isn't realistic, it's not immersion breaking. However, changing the messages to first person is going to cause a very important problem - that is, they don't always fit the character you want to play. If I want to RP my Skyrim experience, I want to be my character as much as possible, and I don't see a Orc barbarian thinking "I can't travel now, I'm in combat!".


There's a reason why games use third person messages, and there's a reason why I'm not using this mod. Can you guess what they are?

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