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Installing ASIS and SkyRe with some additional stuff

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VOLUNTEERS needed to move this guide into the wiki

Skyrim Revisited + ASIS + SkyRe + [sweet-stuff]

outdated right now

Last update 07/09/2013



There is no limit to perfection. 

If guide won't be ready for install - it will be only during updates to a newer version of mods listed below. Or if I will tell. 

I will tell if you have to wait for update in any case.

So far it's working guide for now.


Q: I installed all this freaking stuff and already playing. And now I see update, it breaks my heart, and maybe my game!!!

A: There was no such updates yet, that can break your game, if you are not 20+ lvl. Just review your install and do corresponding to guide changes and rebuild dynamic patches. As far as I know only ASIS AutomaticPerks exclusions (that was not as good as now - 04/09/2012) can cause troubles but you wont see it if you are not high lvl. And you won't see them if you rebuilded dynamic patches with correct edits in AutomaticPerks.ini even if you are playing already - NPCS with "CTD Perk" were not spawned yet




I'm sure that besides me there are much players considering vanilla gameplay a little bit boring. So we want to fix that here.

This guide contains information about installing ASIS, SkyRe and some recommended stuff.

If you don't want optional stuff - skip it.



Q: So, when should I even start to consider using an overhaul like this one?

A: If you've played vanilla for a while and are disappointed by the lack of depth and options, especially regarding character development. Bonus points if you've been playing the console version before and want to check out what modders can do with enough free time.


Q: So, there are multiple overhauls around. Why should I use SkyRe over something else, like Requiem or ACE? Or ERSO?

A: Depends highly on your modding behaviour and what you want your Skyrim to become. Compared to SkyRe, ACE is more of a "tweaked vanilla" game with a few classical RPG enhancements, like spell failure. With ACE, you have better compatibility, but way less gameplay options. Stick to ACE if you think all Skyrim needs is a set of small adjustments, and the vanilla character archetypes are enough to keep you entertained.

Requiem, on the other hand, is more holistic. If I hadn't decided to split SkyRe into modular parts, this is close to what might have happened. I intentionally leave room for certain other mods to handle a few areas, while Requiem shoulders all by itself. Huge respect to the author. Untweaked Requiem is more hardcore, and its adjustments likely play together better than mine. Choose it if you want one esp to handle it all.

ERSO is a cool, "scriptless SkyRe" of sorts. I actually recommend you to check it out and use a few modules, especially the dragon module. Apart from that, similar to ACE.


Q: So far, you've only told me when it would make sense to use another mod. What makes SkyRe special, ignoring the existence of other mods?

A: SkyRe, at its core, is a perk overhaul. However, it doesn't stop at editing perks, but also touches anything that is directly or indirectly related to them.


Q: That's stupid, because it makes it all incompatible. Why would I want that?

A: Simple example: Let's say you're trying to make magic interesting. If you edit perks only, no matter how good those perks become, you're still only at 40% of the road. If you adjust your perks towards vanilla spells, and avoid editing spells, you're very limited in what you can do. Do you like vanilla's sense of "spell progression", where each spell is just a better version of its predecessor? I thinks it's horrible game design. Now, try changing that without touching spells... and balance those perks around the possibility of 100% cost reduction.

See where I'm getting at? Great perks don't fix bad spells, and great spells don't make bad perks better. Therefore it is absolute necessary to adjust both, and to make the adjustments work with one another. The result becomes better than the sum of its parts.


Q: Ok, makes sense for magic, I see that. But what about warrior skills? Do you really need to edit all weapons?

A: The main issues I had with vanilla combat is that it's too forgiving, stamina is completely meaningless unless it is empty, and that weapons all felt alike. To make weapons behave differently, one would not necessarily need to edit them each, but it prevents certain issues. Shouldn't be a compatibility breaker though, since I wrote a tool that adjusts all weapons and armor from other mods within a few seconds.


Q: Some guy told me to use ACE + Better Magic + Duel-Combat Realism instead. Now I wonder whether or not the combination of those mods will actually feel anything like SkyRe...

A: Definitely good mods, and a fitting combination for someone searching for an improved vanilla experience. But nothing like SkyRe.

For more info - read SkyRe page on Nexus.





I assume that you have clean installation of Skyrim Revisited (Skyrim Revisited doesn't have much balance-changing modifications yet, therefore potentially compatible with any overhaul) OR almost clean (most stuff like weather-lighting, armor&weapon&items-mods won't be a problem, especially if install correct compatibility patches).


What we will install? Ok let's list it.



1. Skyrim Redone. Huge rebalance mod. Can be used with DUEL - Combat Realism.

2. ASIS. for making enemies smarter and much more powerful by granting them perks and spell from installed mods. Can be used with DUEL - Combat Realism.

3. No skill limit. to NPC's. Prepare to die, mortal!

4. Erased. In SR guide now.

5. High Level Enemies. Enemy level scaling version (all enemies scales to you) or NON-Scaled version(if you plan to use it with SkyRe_EnemyScaling (PreASISPatch in that case, which provide some fixes). Compatible with SIC, SkyRe, other mods. Seems better than SkyRe scaling module.

5.5 Mighty Magick Skyrim. Optional.

6. Forgotten Magic Redone. Love magic.

7. Apocalypse spell package. Very much.

8. Spell Eraser. But not all.

9. Tk combat.

10. Tk Dodge. Love to get hits? Skip it.

11. Tk Hitstop. Wanna feel how your weapon impacts? Don't miss.

12. Immersive Weapons. Somebody will want to install Armors too, but not me, because I use CBBE and IA doesn't have bodysliders so I can't adapt armors with my personal taste. If You want to install Immersive Armors (or may be already using it) - don't forget to correct guide for yourself in corresponding points.

13. Fantasy Music overhaul. Do you like music?





It's a moment for someone to make a backup of overrides and skyrim profile, but I'm not like that, sorry:)



a) uncheck Brawl Bugs Patch as it's redundant with SkyRe

b) uncheck Arrows and Bolts tweaks, as it's mostly redundant with SkyRe. If you want "Deeper Bolts Impacts" - look into the spoiler.



Most of ABT's tweaks are *NOT* compatible with SkyRe's 'main module' (and most likely neither with it's 'combat module'), that mod overhauls the archery system (the entire game actually), changing ammo, projectiles, leveled lists, etc., making for a completely different archery experience. Having said that, if you are not planning on using SkyRe's 'main module' or 'combat module', you should be fine using ABT (I can't guarantee it because I don't use SkyRe, but based on the description page I think you are safe using both mods without those two modules).


Note: The 'Recover Arrows and Bolts' and 'Deeper Bolts Impacts' tweaks are compatible with SkyRe, load the first one after SkyRe's modules (the second tweak is just meshes, no .esp file is needed).


c) If you want to use DUEL - Combat Realism goto D. If you want use ASIS combat AI or SkyRe_EnemyAI - uncheck mod in left pane of Mod Organaizer.

d) Wait for downloads. Because Skyrim Revisited is prepaired.





1. Spell Eraser. place under Ultra Realistic Crossbow Shoot Sounds in Mod Organaizer

2. Forgotten Magic Redone. Can work with Forgotten Magic (it means you can install forgotten magic too if you like. FMR and FM works in different ways). place under Spell Eraser  in Mod Organaizer

3. Apocalypse Spell Package. place under Forgotten Magic  in Mod Organaizer

4. No Skill Limit. place under Apocalypse Spell Package in Mod Organaizer

5. Tk Combat. place under No Skill Limit in Mod Organaizer

6. TK Dodge. place under Tk combat  in Mod Organaizer

7. TK HitStop. place under TK Dodge in Mod Organaizer

8. Erased. In SR guide now.

9. ASIS. place under TK HitStop  in Mod Organaizer

10. Skyrim Redone. place under ASIS  in Mod Organaizer

    Modules: Main; Races (if you wish); Standing stones (if you wish); Combat (if you wish you can use DUEL - Combat Realism instead, or combine these two(not recommended). I will tell about using SkyRe+ASIS+DUEL, in teal down the line.), EnemyAI (must be (my personal choice), if not going to use DUEL AI (deemed good) or ASIS CustomizedAI(not as good as SkyRe_EnemyAI module)), Enemy Scaling module (if you don't plan to use high level enemies or will use un-scaled version), Encounter zones, Skyre - Survivalism

    I recommend to install custom uncapper.ini too. It will be placed in Skyrim Redone\SKSE folder, move/copy it in Skyrim -Community- Uncapper folder.


If you want to use DUEL AI with SkyRe mechanics it is not a big problem.

SkyRe_combat module will be the rule for mechanic and DUEL will be the rule for AI if you will delete DuelPlayerProc.pex from DUEL-Combat Realism mod folder. This instruction was originally posted by LogRaam for implementation DUEL AI in Deadly Combat mod.


I asked LogRaam about DUEL scripts, and his answer:

DuelPlayerProc.pex is the staggering system. You can keep it if you want it, or delete it if you don't.

DuelAddAbilityScript.pex is a cloak spell that inject DuelPlayerProc.pex to NPCs. Both can be deleted if you don't want the stagger from Duel.

All other features are part of the main esp file and can't be disabled. What you can do is changing its loading order to make it override another mod, or let another mod override it. The last to be loaded is the one that'll override the others.


So we don't need DuelAddAbilityScript.pex too0 if we REALLY WANT combat module of SkyRe to be with DUEL together. But this is not good in general, because both - DUEL and SkyRe_Combat will affect stamina mechanic (it's my opinion. I may be wrong).


Importanant moment:

DUEL changes some perks - if you will load DUEL after SkyRe_combat module you will have changed shieldwall, armsman and barbarian perks. And you will lose SkyRe stealth mechanic definetely.

If you load DUEL before SkyRe_main.esp you will get unchanged SkyRe perks, stamina and stealth mechanics, perhaps.

Your CO.

I do not recommend to use SkyRe Combat module and DUEL together.


10.1. SkyRe_main module has an ESP conflict with Book Covers Skyrim.

Open TES5Edit.

Select Book Covers Skyrim.esp and SkyRe_Main.esp then click [OK].

Expand "Book" under Book Covers Skyrim.esp and select the "0001AD18" node.

Right-click the column for Book Covers Skyrim.esp and select "Copy as override into...".

Select "" and click [OK]. In the resulting text box type "BCS-SkyRe Patch".

Drag the "DATA - Data" from SkyRe_Main.esp to "BCS-SkyRe Patch".

Repeat this for the "0001B019", "0001B01A", "0001B01B", "0001B01C", "0001B01D", "0001B22E", "000ED5F8", "000ED604" and "000ED606" nodes.

Click the [X] in the upper right hand corner, uncheck "Backup plugins", and click [OK].

Navigate to /overwrite and move the new file(s) to /mods/Book Covers Skyrim.


10.2. SkyRe_main module has an ESP conflict with Werewolf Mastery.

Open TES5Edit.

Select WerewolfMastery.esp and SkyRe_Main.esp then click [OK].

Expand "Armor" under WerewolfMastery.esp and select the "0002AC60" node.

Right-click the column for SkyRe_Main.esp and select "Copy as override into...".

Select "" and click [OK]. In the resulting text box type "WM-SkyRe Patch".

Drag "Script" under "VMAD - Virtual Machine Adapter" (Note: Not the entire "VMAD - Virtual Machine Adapter" node!) from WerewolfMastery.esp to "WM-SkyRe Patch.esp".

Drag "DESC - Description" from WerewolfMastery.esp to "WM-SkyRe Patch.esp".

Click the [X] in the upper right hand corner, uncheck "Backup plugins", and click [OK].

Navigate to /overwrite and move the new file(s) to /mods/Werewolf Mastery.


10.3. FCqt compatibility patches. Destructible bottles patch intergrated in qotsafan's patches now. Other patches still can be used.

10.4. If someone [uses/want to use] Crafting 300 - Armoury of Tamriel, here is compatibility patch.


10.X. Right-click "installed mods" tab in Mod Organaizer and select "refresh".


11. ReProccer - Automated SkyRe patch generator. place under Skyrim Redone  in Mod Organaizer

12. Balbor and Steelsouls SkyRe ReProccer Project. place under ReProccer  in Mod Organaizer

     Install: 00 required; all fixes except NONPLAYERfix; Immersive weapon Reproccer Patch.

     Good time for lovers of Immersive Armors pick one more patch.

ReproccerNONPLAYERfix.esp is not necessary if installing qotsan's compatibility patches. Qotsafans Miscellaneous ReProccer + Destruction Tweak Atronach 50 Patch.esp do the same and some more.


13. SkyRe ReProccer Compatibility Patches (qotsafans patchers for SkyRe). Ver.3.7.2 from optional files installs good with Mod Organaizer. Place under FrostFall.

     Select 01-01 (stats.xml etc.), 01-02 (blocklist for ASIS), 02-01 (frostfall), 01-08 (Miscellaneous ReProccer + Destruction Tweak Atronach 50 Patch), 01-06(Pre Reproccer WA fixes IW aMidianSS Patch. There is many options here, choose correct patches for yourself if your skyrim installation different - Immersive Armors installed, for example.), pre ASIS patch(if installed SkyRe's Enemy-Scaling module), 03-01(Destructible bottles patch),03-04 (post ASIS patch (only if installed SkyRe_Combat module)), 03-05(Explosive bolts visualized), 03-01(ars metallica Patch)

If installed qotsafans Miscellaneous ReProccer + Destruction Tweak Atronach 50 Patch (or any other qotsafans Miscellaneous patch) - better deactivate and do not use ReproccerNONPLAYERfix.esp. If using already - just deactivate and play with qotsafans Miscellaneous ReProccer + Destruction Tweak Atronach 50 Patch.esp, no harm should be.


13.1. Mighty Magick Skyrim. 

        a) install main module v3.12 and all patches from updates section. Place mod after Spell Eraser in MO.

        b) remove all esps from Mighty Magic Skyrim folder.

        c) download my merged esp and copy to Mighty Magic Skyrim folder.

        d) download compatibility patch for SkyRe and copy to Mighty Magic Skyrim folder.

        e) download MM overrides esp for qotsafans patches and copy to Mighty Magic Skyrim folder. Needed to provide changes until qotsafan will release updated patches with MM support. Also with this esp NoSkillLimit.esp should be deactivated (my esp do the same).

        f) don't forget to create user rules in BUM for mighty magic plugins (see pt.21)  if you just adding mod to already performed install.

        z) if you want to apply all changes that mighty magick provides to existing savegame - right-click "installed mods" tab in Mod Organaizer and select "refresh", read this post.


14. High Level Enemies. Must have if you didn't installed SkyRe enemy scaling module. Install Enemy Level Scaling versions(via installer, for all choices) or non-scaled versions (for all choices) and look on the 3rd paragraph here. Place under Skyrim Redone in MO. Can be placed anywhere - no conflicts with other installed mods. You can install hardcore optional too later, if want much more hard times for your character.

15. Erased. In SR guide now.

16. Skyrim Redone optional for Even Better Quest Objectives. Merge with Even Better Quest Objectives.

     Skill Interface Re-Texture: SkyRe Compatibility Patch V6.0. Install in Skyrim Redone folder(merge). Default choices doesn't contain any textures!

17. Immersive Weapons. Place under Greatsword Sheaths and Scabbards with Thinner Blades in MO. You can install Closer quivers and longer arrows immersive weapons optional also. Yes, via CQ&LA installer or manually copy needed files from archive.

18. Fantasy Music Overhaul. place before Activate Fail Noise Removal in MO

19. Immersive weapons package and T3nd0s Skyrim redone pack for Dual Sheath Redux.

20. Activate all installed modpackages.

21. Run BUM.


     Select BCS-SkyRe Patch.esp

     Click the "AFTER" selection box and select "BOTTOM".

     In the adjacent text box type "Compatibility Patches" and click [save Rule].


     Select WM-SkyRe Patch.esp

     Click the "AFTER" selection box and select "BOTTOM".

     In the adjacent text box type "Compatibility Patches" and click [save Rule].


     Select ForgottenMagic_Redone.esp

     In the text box adjacent to "AFTER" type " ForgottenMagic.esp " and click [save Rule].


     If installed SkyRe_EnemyAI module

     Find in masterlist (use "find next" field) IFNOT REGEX("ASIS(-Dependency)?\.esp") MOD: SkyRe_EnemyAI.esp, Right Click on it, Create Override

     In the text box adjacent to "AFTER" type " SkyRe_EncounterZones.esp " and click [save Rule].


     Select Mighty Magick AIO.esp

     In the text box adjacent to "AFTER" type " Mighty Magick - Voice.esp " and click [save Rule].


     Select Mighty Magick - SkyRe compatibility patch.esp

     In the text box adjacent to "AFTER" type " Mighty Magick AIO.esp " and click [save Rule].


     Select MM Overrides.esp

     In the text box adjacent to "AFTER" type " qotsafans Miscellaneous ReProccer + Destruction Tweak Atronach 50 Patch.esp " and click [save Rule].


     Click Run BOSS button, close browser after.


Just for note: almost all qotsafan's patches can be loaded anywhere after it's master files (as author said) and we load it after reproccer (believe me, it's good:)). Also all qotsafan's patches that have levelled lists (no such plugins in this pick) must be loaded before Bashed Patch, 0.esp


22. Open ModOrganizer\mods\Automatic Variants\SkyProc Patchers\Automatic Variants\Files\BlockList.txt (create file if missing)

        add line "Blaze of Eventide.esp" to "MOD BLOCKS" section. It should prevent Blaze from spawning using a regular horse texture

File content will look like this:


==ARMO BLOCKS==  //FormIDs
069CE3Skyrim.esm // SkinNakedBeast
000D64Skyrim.esm // SkinNaked

Blaze of Eventide.esp
Extended Colors - Selection.esp  //Overloads the patcher, but isn't needed by AV in the first place. 
Extended Colors.esm    
Extended Slider Colors.esp
Headbomb       //Really old Pre-CK mod that doesn't conform to "CK Standards" and fails to import.  Not needed anyway.


23. Open ModOrganizer\mods\ASIS\SkyProc Patchers\ASIS\AutomaticPerks.ini

    Under [PERKEXCLUSIONSCONTAINS] Paste following strings:


    Under [NPCExclusions] add line:


    Open ModOrganizer\mods\ASIS\SkyProc Patchers\ASIS\IncreasedSpawns.ini

    find the  [NPCReducedSpawnSettings] header, remove the line "dragon=5".


24. Enable in MO (don't forget to save changes) or in Wrye Bash plugins of installed mods.


25. Select the data tab in the right-pane and expand "SkyProc Patchers">"ASIS".

     Right-click on ASIS.jar and select "Add as executable" then click [OK].


26. Select the data tab in the right-pane and expand "SkyProc Patchers">"T3nd0_ReProccer".

     Right-click on ReProccer.jar and select "Add as executable" then click [OK].


27. Run Wrye Bash.

     AND disable all plugins loaded after Bashed Patch,0.esp

     I recommend to kill these esps (automatic variants and dual sheath redux patch). T3nd0 recommends to kill reproccer.esp if duplicate id's starting to happen and build new

     (for fresh install we don't need to kill reproccer.esp).

     Don't delete ASIS-dependency.esp (never), ASIS.esp (if you are already playing with ASIS), reproccer.esp (if doing fresh install), any reproccer patches


29. Rebuild Bashed Patch, as we have new plugins with levelled lists in our load order, and close Wrye Bash.




Dynamic patches


There are two ways:



0. Disable any plugins after Bashed patch if they are not already.

1. Execute Automatic Variants Patcher in MO. Remember that it moves all textures to overwrite in process, but you do not need to reinstall AV Packages if you didn't clear /overwrite folder of Automatic Variants files :). Make your pick, I recommend to follow Neovalen's guide about installing AV Packages.

After patcher will done it's work enable automatic variants.esp in MO (don't forget to save load order) and run BOSS.

2. Enable ASIS - dependency.esp. Run ASIS Patcher in MO. Tick checkboxes:

             Automatic Perks

             Automatic Spells

             Customised AI (Don't use if You choose to play with DUEL- Combat Realism or SkyRe_EnemyAI)

             NPC Potions

             Increased Spawns you can tick it, if you wish.


     Click  "Start Patch". After patcher will finish enable ASIS.esp, postASISpatch.esp in MO and run BOSS.

3. Execute Dual Sheath Redux Patcher in MO. Enable generated plugin. Run BOSS.

4. Execute ReProccer in MO. Enable reproccer.esp, ReproccerDragonborn.esp, and qotsafan's patches. Run BOSS.






If you installed SUM due to Neovalens guide skip to pt.5

1. Download SUM

2. Install it via Mod Organaizer, and place it last in installed mods tab.

3. Select "Data" tab of MO, expand "SkyProcPatchers\SUM", right click on SUM.jar, "add as executable".

4. Check if you have AV Packages about 1,5 Gb in space in /overwrite/Textures/ if you already used AV patcher. No need to reinstall then. If you never run AV patcher - be sure that you installed AV packages. 

5. Select your SUM in MO and click "RUN".

6. Open ASIS settings and tick checkboxes:

             Automatic Perks

             Automatic Spells

             Customised AI (Don't use if You choose to play with DUEL- Combat Realism or SkyRe_EnemyAI)

             NPC Potions

             Increased Spawns you can tick it, if you wish.

  you can close asis settings now, patching will not start in any way of closing ASIS settings window.

7. Open Automatic Variant settings (it may be slow). Make you pick. I recommend follow Neovalen's guide about installing AV Packages. Close AV settings window after.

8. Click "Patch" button. Select BOSS path if you asked.

If you merged dynamic patches - read this post and one after.


The End.

Have fun!

My Personal thanks:

to Neovalen, for awesome work with Skyrym Revisited guide and nice mod.

to Aiyen, for some advices about combining ASIS and Skyrim Redone.

to WilliamImm, for very good corrections and suggestions to the guide.

to Smile44, for SkyMoMod alternative

to Vond, rootsrat, FCqt for nice feedback and help with compatibility patches.


Sorry for tupos and grammatic mistakes, eng is not native to me.





  • version of Forgotten magic Redone updated to 1.2.7 [starting section]

  • removed some of 10.# pts.
  • updated and reuploaded Mighty Magick - SkyRe compatibility patch (some dirty properties were removed)
  • MM overrides.esp now available for use instead of replacing some of qotsafans patches in install section pt.13.1

  • version qotsafans patches updated to 3.7.2
  • mighty magick optional compatible now - download updated versions of files(compatibility patch, two edited qotsafan's patches) in pt.13.1

  • versions of SkyRe and qotsafans patches updated
  • removed Weapons&Armor Fixes by Kryptopyr exclusion from starting section
  • removed redundant rules from pt.21 (install section)
  • edited pt.13 (install section)
  • pt.10.4, pt.10.6 of install section erased, pt.13.1 marked as *under investigation*

  • added optional pt.10.5(Crafting 300 compatibility patch, mod is not in the guide, but maybe someone already use it??), thanks to Setis
  • added optional pt.10.6(scriptfixes for 2 SkyRe_1.2 perks), thanks to Smorensky
  • version of Forgotten Magic Redone has been updated to 1.2.4

  • added Mighty Magick Skyrim (optional) to guide. Notes added in prerequisites (pt.5.5), starting, install (pt.13.1, pt.21) sections.

  • added note about weapons and armor fixes - remade unchecking to starting section.

  • added optional pt.10.4 to install section. thanks to FCqt
  • edited pt.21 of install section. Two rules inserted (forgotten magic redone & skyre script fix)

  • added optional pt.10.3 to install section. thanks to FCqt

  • Updated Balbors and Steelsouls reproccer patches version to 3.7 in starting section.
  • Updated qotsafan's SkyRe ReProccer Compatibility Patches version to 3.6.9 in starting section.

  • erased references to SkyTEST. In SR guide now.
  • ReProccer version was updated to 2.2
  • version of Qotsafan's patches (SkyRe ReProccer Compatibility Patches) was updated to 3.6.1
  • added note for asis blocklist in pt.13 of install section

  • ReProccer version was updated. Errors in TES5Edit log dissapeared. All armors have 0-1 defence. Perhaps we should wait for stats.xml update

  • Added optional skill interface retexture SkyRe patch to download and install (pt.16) section. Thanks to bpr5016.


  • edited prerequisites (pt.6), starting, install (pt.2) sections. Notes about Forgotten Magic Redone.

  • few edits in pt.10.1 of install section.
  • added pt.10.2 (thanks to Rootsrat and Vond) and 10.X to install section.
  • edited pt.21 of install section (added notes about rule creation for patches 10.1 and 10.2)

  • added pt.10.1 to install section, thanks to Vond.

  • erased references for SkyMoMod (we don't need it if we have SIC) and SIC (included in SR Guide).
  • added some notes about High Level Enemies + SkyRe_Enemy Scaling module. (Prerequisites pt.5; Install pt.10, 13, 14)

  • corrected typo in pt.23 (xxxALTBloodSacrifice was xxxALTBloodSacrice). Thanks, Vond.
  • updated versions of Qotsafan's compatibility patches to 3.6 and Balbor & Steelsouls patches to 3.6

  • changed some colors
  • updated version of qotsafans patches in starting section
  • edited install section pt.13: added comment for post-ASIS patch in brackets, added note about correction of user rules for BOSS
  • edited install section pt.13, pt.21: removed apostrophes from qotsafan's plugin names [correct your rules, pt.21]

  • added more notes to pt.10 of install section, about different combinations of combat & AI mechanic.
  • rewrited many sentences for compactness
  • recolored guide


  • updated version of qotsafan's reproccer patches to 3.5.1, and added more notes to pt.13, pt.21.

  • renamed Best to Semi-Automatic in dynamic patches section
  • added more notes to customized AI of ASIS (about skyre_enemyAI)
  • added Fantasy Music Overhaul alternative download location.
  • corrected mistake in perk exclusion - rewrited xxxDESGeomance1 to xxxDESGeomancy1

  • added High Level Enemies mod, notes about it in prerequisites (pt.6), download, install (pt.14) sections.
  • added comment to Tk Combat in prerequisites section. added comments to pt.4, 7 of prerequisites section


  • updated versions of reproccer, qotsafan's patches in download section. Made corrections to install notes for qotsafan's compatibility patches (pt.13).
  • added notes about ABT deactivating.

  • pt.23. expanded perk exclusion for ASIS due to new "Guide to Skyrim Redone" instructions.
  • waiting for update of qotsafan's patches. Do not update now.

  • pt. 10. Added more details about combining DUEL AI with SkyRe mechanic.

  • cosmetic changes to notes for DUEL-Combat Realism, since Skyrim Revisited contains it now.
  • swaped order of executing reproccer and dual sheath redux in manual dynamic patches section.

  • added notes about Duel - combat realism (optional stuff, download, install section pt. 10, dynamic patches section)
  • adden FAQ from SkyRe nexus page to introduction section.
  • edited versions of balbor & qotsafan's patches due to update.

  • edited download section with version changes of Balbor and Steelsouls SkyRe ReProccer Project, SkyRe ReProccer Compatibility Patches, Immersive Weapons. No changes to install section, except pt.13 (stat.xml update)
  • edited pt.12 and pt.13 (yellow), due to explanations in sticky post of qotsafan's patchers for SkyRe
  • removed ReproccerNONPLAYERfix.esp from example of load order in pt.21

  • added changelog. LOL
  • edited version of TK Hitstop in download section
  • added version notes to some vital mods.
  • replaced edit of [PERKSEXCLUSIONSSTARTSWITH] section in ASIS\AutomaticPerks.ini with edit of [PERKSEXCLUSIONSCONTAINS] section. Many thanks to WillliamImm for lurking in skyre forums.

  • removed unnecessary edits of blocklists (replaced by "SkyRe ReProccer Compatibility Patches")
  • added ini edits to ASIS increased spawns, additional edit to automatic_perks.ini
  • added Skyrim Immersive Creatures and install note for it
  • added install notes for qotsafan's patchers for SkyRe
  • added No Skill Limit
  • added SUM installation notes

  • posted guide
  • removed beast skeletons (modders resource). Included in Skyrim Immersive Creatures.
  • removed notes about CFM config. Not needed.




I attach tweaked RealVision ENB preset, with permission from SkyrimTuner. All credits goes to him. Installed RealVision is required.

Posted Image

Main differences from default 1.4e:

1. tweaked and enabled reflections

2. darkened image in general. Day blinds no more.

3. interior lighting became not so intensive. More difference between day- and night- time

4. custom palette. Dark places and nights will be EXTREMELY DARK with default realvision palette

5. disabled fixtintgamma. It can make neckseams visible in some conditions

6. cleaned from useless junk (it has no impact at all. Just removed old settings, not used in enbseries_0.168 core) and restructured enbseries.ini (no impact too).

7. disabled DoF. Enable in config menu by shift+enter if you need.

8. reload config key - del, take screeshot key - F1

9. Adaptation turned off. It makes some things appear totally wrong. Lets wait for better implementation. Hats off to Boris. 

Intended to be used with [default]/[little decreased] brightness level, without CoT Nights or with CoT Nights level 1-3.

I use Lanterns in Skyrim - CoT preset (like color, and intensity fits good).

Preset still power-consuming.  Here is good advices on how-to-make it more perfomance-friendly.

More screens

Screens taken with adaptation turned on, before I rejected it. Now all is much better:)

Don't comment it in this thread, please.



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Having step by step instructions for how to integrate SkyRe is very useful. As is going through the patches required to get it runing with SR. Thanks.


I would be interested in hearing a comparison of it to the alternatives - what are the strengths and weaknesses of it. (I use ACE so would love a comparison to that if you are familiar with both.)


A couple of thoughts on some of your additional mods:


I thought the reason SkyTest got dropped from SR was that it was associated with CTDs.


I read the reason SkyMo Mod got booted from Nexus was that he had been using other modder's and company's work without their permission. (If i'm wrong please correct me!) We all have to make our own decisions on where to draw the line on this issue. I think Neo has been quite conservative on this in his own work - I'm thinking of his efforts to get approval with DSR.

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Thanks, WilliamImm, corrected the guide.

statmonster, this install(ok, previous, this is corrected version) was tested in 2 hours of seamless gameplay(I understand its not much, but this will be fixed:)), no CTD's thanks gods and skyproc magic:)

SkyTEST(Oh, sh%#t!!! I mean SkyMoMod) was banned on nexus, yes. Nexus loves to ban. True reasons are hard to find(not so hard as I thought:)).

As for comparison of this install with ACE - I can't tell anything - never tried ACE.

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Thankfully, Beast Skeletons is a modder's resource, so it's fair game for me to modify.


Also, why remove CFM Oni Edition? It works just fine for SkyRe, and it would be compatible with more mods anyway.

thanks, updated, I missed changelog of CFM-Oni Edition.
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Also as far as I recall then Acquisitive soul gems does not work with SkyRe because it alters the soul trap spell as well. I do not know if you checked it out or not!


Other then a few typos and grammar issues, it is a very nice guide! Glad to see you got it figured out!

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Also as far as I recall then Acquisitive soul gems does not work with SkyRe because it alters the soul trap spell as well. I do not know if you checked it out or not!


Actually, it is, as long as it's loaded under SkyRe_Main.esp. Enhanced Projectile Soul Trap also works with SkyRe. BOSS should sort ASG correctly.


And one more thing: BOSS recommends that you uncheck Automatic Perks and Automatic Spells flags in the patch options for ASIS, else crashes and CTDs will happen in game. Also, why not use increased spawns? It works with SkyRe just fine.

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Here are my suggested changes to the patch section:


  • Add SUM (Skyproc Unified Manager) to the files. Reason? Using this guide, you'll add quite a lot of SkyProc patchers - so may as well make the job easier.
  • Remove the blocklist change to ASIS.
  • Add these changes to ASIS, suggested by the author of Deadly Dragons to prevent issues with DD and ASIS.
  • Add qotsafan's patchers for SkyRe - using stats.xml and blocklists from there.
  • In the ASIS patcher, only check NPC Potions, Customised AI, and (possibly) Increased Spawns.

Also, shouldn't Blaze of Eventide.esp be added to the Automatic Variants blocklist, to keep Blaze from spawning using a regular horse texture? Just saying.

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I'll report this to the BOSS team. Thanks for telling me.


By the way, you've inspired me to make a guide for installing Mature Skin in Skyrim Revisited. Thanks for giving me that idea.

Was actually going to look into this tonight myself. As for the rest, I have no comment as I've not tried SkyRe or anything with the guide yet.


As for SUM, am going to write something up tonight more than likely.

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