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Flickering in distant mountains and on one NPC face



I just completed step 2J in the STEP process. Two thing I've noticed during the intro movie as I approach Helgen:


1- The very distant mountains are flickering. I've noticed this for awhile actually, earlier in the STEP process, though I don't recall when.

2- One flickering NPC face, a character leaning up against a porch rail facing the gate when it opens and the horse carriages go inside.


I wonder if either of these are related to any NVIDIA settings?

If there are common causes to either of these scenarios, I'd appreciate some suggestions. Thanks.

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There are many issues with "flickering" textures. On your mountains you most certainly have z-fighting. I could give you a much more precise assumption of what your problem is and how to fix it, if you would provide more information as it is written in our posting guidelines for this sub-forum:

When posting for support, please including the following:


System Specs - Including model and clock rate of the CPU and GPU, whether you use an HDD or SSD, and screen resolution

Graphics driver version and settings

Skyrim launcher settings

STEP version and any additional mods used

Texture/quality resolution options - "highest available", "only 1k", etc.

Installation method - Wrye Bash, Mod Organizer, NMM, or manual

Screenshots and/or video of the bug, where applicable

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Hmm, I noticed that all my Skyrim and SkyrimPreferences INI file changes as per STEP were undone, with both files at the default. That might have something to do with it. Reediting them as per STEP instructions.


Is there a way I can make it so that each of these files cannot be overwritten by Skyrim?

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