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Grass Shadows Freaking Out



Hey, I'm back with another somewhat small but thoroughly annoying bug.


When I go and run about in the wilderness, the shadows in the grass go really weird: they are constantly shifting (even when my character is still).


This pic really won't really do it justice but hopefully it helps:




(will add more if required)


I didn't experience this problem on 2.2.1 (running on 2.2.2a).


Can someone help me?

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Unfortunately a screenshot's not very helpful. What'd be best is to capture some video of it happening. Since it's related to grass, I'd first recommend re-installing Skyrim Flora Overhaul and re-checking all the INI Tweaks that STEP recommends, something might have been thrown out of whack. If that doesn't reveal the problem, try running the game as Vanilla and enabling a few mods at a time to track down a culprit.

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