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MO2 Not Launching



So, Wednesday everything was fine when launching MO2 to download & install mods. Thursday, started up fine to continue my mod list. Now today, MO2 won't launch, it just puts DMP file every time I try and start it.

Here is what I have done so far:

Removed everything that deals with MO2 in every location on my Drives. Removed AppData folder & uninstalled MO2. Tried 3 different versions of MO2 2.4.2, 2.4.3 & 2.4.4 separate installs, not at the same time with each try handing out a new DMP file for that version.

Windows Updates are...well...up to date. Restarted PC several times, even a couple of shut downs. Same issue with the DMP files.


I'm on the Discord, nothing helped yet.


Bad Wolf

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I just hit Discord to see what was done. I do have to ask if you are using anti-virus software and what it is and if you have excluded Mod Organizer?

Also, if you can do the following and provide the log file would be great.

  1. Install MO2 again either a Global or portable instance.
  2. Go in your Global instance folder or MO's installation folder if you're using a portable instance.
  3. Find ModOrganizer.ini. Open it in Notepad.
  4. Find the line log_level=1 under [Settings] and change it to log_level=0 (change 1 to 0).
    1. If log_level=1 is not there, add it and change the 1 to 0.
  5. Try running MO again.
  6. After it crashes, go in the logs folder of your instance and upload mo_interface.log here.
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