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Random Encounter Framework (by Glitchfinder)


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Random Encounter Framework by Glitchfinder
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  • Reorganizes the random encounter trees within the game's Story Manager so that they're properly compatible with modding.
  • As a result of the above, moderately reduced how common the Nuka World and Automatron random encounters are in the commonwealth.

I think we should use this, if not for anything else, as a fix for the random encounters to not be so overtaken by Automatron robots.

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Marked as Accepted for current dev 1.0 guide.

Even without any additional mods, it is very obvious that the random encounters are now actually random. Typically they get stuck in a rut, throwing the same encounters over and over at you (robots from Automatron is famous for this). Now I've seen actual random encounters being different characters spawning at the random encounter points, and it is quite beautiful.

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