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Erase "SimpleChildren.esp" from "STEP Patch - Conflict Resolution.esp"

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Good day to everyone.
I'm dealing with a problem that is driving me crazy.
I would delete the support for SimpleChildren.esp from the "STEP Patch - Conflict resolution.esp" but I really had consumed a pair of glasses trying to find the references in the left part of xEdit window, once loaded the STEP Patch.
I have to say that from the user interface point of view xEdit is not friendly.
I searched for a script in the "apply script" menu, but I did not find what I'm looking for.
The "filters" panel hasn't a single tooltip under any visual component.
Can someone explain to me how to isolate the references of a mod inside another mod to make them easy visible ?
Also another thing is obscure to me.
In xEdit also references of the second, third etc. order are possible?
I mean, a plugin which is declared as master in another plugin, becomes automatically also master of a third plugin that declares the second as master?

If this is not the right place to post this questions, please be patient and move the post in the right way.
Thanks a lot for any reply.

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