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How to upgrade STEP


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First of all, I'm sorry if these are dumb questions. I'm new to STEP and am just a bit confused. I noticed that a new version of STEP has been announced, and would like to upgrade. Do I just install the new mods from the list? Should I install the 1.9 update? Do I need to do a clean install of Skyrim?



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For minor updates like these a clean installation is not needed. We'll let you know in the changelog if one is recommended. You probably shouldn't install the v1.9 update since it's still in beta and most mods haven't been updated for it (because the CK hasn't been updated).


Installing the new mods is really easy if you're using either Wrye Bash or Mod Organizer. Download the files and load them up in your mod manager as normal. Instead of just placing them at the end, you'll want to find them in the guide's mod table section and place them accordingly. Basically, just make sure the order in your mod manager matches the guide.

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