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Better Divine & Daedric Blessings (2 mods)


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Better Divine and Daedric Blessings.


Nice blessings overhaul - it always bothered me why the blessings from THE GODS are so weak when compared to some enchantments... 


The author seems to put a lot of effort in balancing the blessings (both from the shrines and amulets) and to keep them in line with TES lore as well, which is always good thing to see. There is an exhaustive explanation to every change and choice he made on the Nexus mod's page, so have a read, no point in quoting it all. Just an example of author's excellent approach:


Kynareth - Another tough divine to add effects for, but one that I feel worked out in the end. There are two major aspects to Kyne/Kynareth as noted in the lore: She is associated with the bounty of the land, and with the power of the sky and winds - the latter aspect also dealing with the lore of her being responsible for (through unclear mediums) teaching the ability to Shout to mortals. Because of these aspects, I thought that an alchemy boost (bounty of the land and all) and a shout magnitude boost were good fits. Of note, the shout magnitude boost I gave to her blessings are twice as high as those on Talos's blessings; I did this mainly for balance, but also to keep somewhat in line with the lore regarding Kyne and shouts.

It's definitely worth trying, although I am using SkyRe in my current playthrough and I need to confirm whether these mods would be compatible.

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