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1 hour ago, alphaniner said:

I have only used xLODGen with the instruction of the Step SkyrimSE Guide so forgive me if this is a stupid question.

Should the FO4LODGen Resources used when generating remain enabled when actually playing the game?

From the first post of this thread
There is no hard requirement for the plugins that define unused LOD models and the FO4LODGen - Main.ba2 to be loaded in the game. However, if you notice flickering LOD textures or other odd behavior keep them in the load order. Let us know if this happened so we can update the instructions.

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I decided to do some tests with the Use Source Alpha Threshold setting. It works very well to customize the alpha without resorting to re-thresholding the texture itself. Also, I saw significant performance benefits to its use when threshold <128. However, I believe I have found an issue with it that somewhat inhibits my ability to rely on it.

The generated LOD meshes generally divides between the meshes using alpha and without, and it prefers to group many alpha items (typically tree leaves) into the same BSMultiBoundNode, using the alpha threshold specified by one of the affected models/materials. I'm not certain on the logic it uses to group these together, but if I have the MapleBranchesLOD.bgsm leaves with its threshold of 80, and the ElmBranchesLOD.bgsm leaves with its threshold of 65, it tends to group these together, choosing either 65 or 80 for the NiAlphaProperty. I think it would be preferable for it to split into a separate BSMultiBoundNode when a differing NiAlphaProperty is used in combination with the Use Source Alpha Threshold setting. I only seem to notice this issue on tree leaves, as I'll find other objects such as Electrical Towers on their own separate node, but this may simply be coincidence.

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