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Can't get INI path for MO2 profile [Skyrim]


I downloaded BethINI about a month ago, when I was still using Vortex. I set my INI path to "Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition". I am now using MO2 and I just saw a comment on Reddit where someone suggested using BethINI for performance and mentioned they had found they had set it up wrong. So I went looking, and now I see I need to set my INI path to "ModOrganizer>Default". However, when I select the drop-down for INI path, there is no option for that--just "Browse..." I read that BethINI will ask you for an INI path when you first install it, so I deleted BethINI, downloaded it again, and reinstalled it. All my paths were the same as they'd been before.

How do I get my INI path to be ModOrganize > Default now?

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Since Mod Organizer is a portable application, it is sometimes impossible to detect the correct location automatically. This is why there is a separate dropdown where you can browse to and select Mod Organizer. Once you have set the Mod Organizer path, it should automatically detect your profile locations. Do note that if your profile is not named Default, you will need to select the name of the profile you created. 

If it still doesn't detect your profiles, which is possible in some cases although unlikely, you will need to browse and select the INI Path manually. Mod Organizer stores the profile specific ini files in your profile folder. Depending on how you have it installed depends on this location as well, whether portable or instanced. By default, instanced versions go into the user AppData directory. 

If you still have trouble, consider disabling profile specific ini files in your profile's settings. This will cause it to use the default Document\My Games location. 

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