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Bones and Skeletons Retexture (by Andre7890)


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Alright this will be my last one for a while I promise. I think this should be looked at to replace Better Bones. IMO better bones is to rough looking and not as smooth as bones should be. I know I say this a lot but it is the best way to explain the odd texture of better bones and that is that it looks like rocks to me. The only thing I found that I do not like is a the back of skulls have a seam with two different colors. After opening it in a file viewer it appears that on the flat texture one side has more red then the other side giving the seam where the 2 half come together two different colors. You can see this in the last pic. https://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/32561 Click to enlarge. https://postimage.org/image/vjsbz08rh/ https://postimage.org/image/ibn2tlcev/ https://postimage.org/image/iblyydlvn/ https://postimage.org/image/lfpnhs1fl/ https://postimage.org/image/klh2gtk65/ https://postimage.org/image/4koh3umav/

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You can use the same testing area as you did for the shrines. Spawn the creatures ("player.placeatme ; BaseIDs on UESP), turn off their AI with "tai" and "tcai" console commands, and then you can move around them and create saves for the screenshots. Just make sure not to move after you make/load the save so the images line up.

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I'd like to bring attention back to this one as a replacement for the current STEP choice. I found Better Bones to be way too grainy and "noisy", also noticed it overwrote Book of Silence's Skeletons. I would suggest downloading the "bones" pack and leaving aMidianBorn BoS for Skeleton textures, and to hide the "bloodybones.dds" and "bloodybones_n.dds" files in MO as they overwrite SMIM's version which is IMO better.

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