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Dragon Priest Retexture by HXP


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Nothing much to say really other then it's a awesome re-texture of Ice Wraiths and Dragon Priests by HXP. IMO the Ice Wraith is especially well done. I suppose I will just quote the description since it is so short.


"Yes we all know them, the Dragon Priests and the Ice Wraiths and of course we all like them. But for me they always had a look like they were a little bit washed out. But now after I have been working on those Guys I am finally ready and would like to Share them with you all.


This is a High Quality Texture Redone in 4k Resolution = 4096x4096 for the Dragonpriests


The Ice Wraiths were completey Retextured and added with a little bit more Glowing so they will also stand out a little bit more and have a little bit more 3D Effect. Colours and Contrast has been improved.


This one is absolutely Lore Friendly since there are no new or any Strange Textures added.


I have completely Retextured the Dragon Priest and worked also a little Bit on the Contrast to make it stand out and give a little more 3D Effect.


I have also worked a little bit on the Dragonpriest Weapons this means the Dragonpriest Knife and their Staff.

I worked on the Contrast and did some Colorwork on them too.

The Weapons are in 2k Resolution but will also stand out now a little Bit more with 3D effect.




I know there are some Draonpriest Retextures here, but I was still missing some Contrast and Colours for my taste.

I didn't steel nobodys work. All Textures where extracted from the Skyrim Textures.bsa and me only worked on them.


Also take a look at my other Mods.


Credits to Bethesda Softworks


Credits to Nexus of course !


Thanks to all of you !





And of course a link to the mod.


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I'm going to mark these for testing. The Ice Wraith file doesn't conflict with anything and the Dragon Priest stuff only conflicts with the HRDLC and Skyrim HD.


I kind of wish they were uploaded separately since they span two STEP sections. (Assuming they're accepted) for our purposes I think we'll make two separate mod pages that just link to the same place.

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True it does conflict with them but it covers a wider range of the Dragon Priest weapons. Also I prefer the extra color and depth it adds to them especially around the face. It really makes it look scarier and like it's going to kill you.

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Ice Wraith:


            Vanilla              Ice Wraith Retexture

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image


Do you know how hard it is to get one of these to stand still!?  There really needs to be some kind of "reload textures" command...  Anyways, I'm not sure how an Ice Wraith should look, but I like the improvement.


EDIT: This mod does not make the wraiths any darker, it makes them more transparent and since the background is black they look darker.  I'm going to add a grey room to Review Studio at some point tonight, just have to figure out the CK's lighting system.

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Dragon Priest:


           Vanilla             Dragon Priest Retexture

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

These ones I'm not crazy about.  I like the idea of fixing the rather bland armor, but it seems like all the author did was raise the contrast and saturation on the texture.  The close-up shot looks even worse than Vanilla IMO, how can you claim that's a 4k texture?  Looks like we get to wait for Cabal to get around to this one.



Posted Image Posted Image

The mod was definitely installed when I took this, doesn't look like anything was done here.



Posted Image Posted Image

Once again, aiming for an older, more rusted color would be fantastic, but this mod doesn't really do it well.

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I agree on both your thoughts here.


Ice wraith: The new re-texture made it so the details of the Ice Wraith "popped-out" in a well sort of natural way you might say.


Dragon Priest: As you said it seems like he have only increased the contrast and added a bit of saturation while at the same time made it more blocky looking. Looks almost as he have messed up the normal and specular mapping of it in the process. Unsure though would have to check out the texture files themselves to be certain of any changes done to them.


The knife: if the contrast was not as intense I would like the new re-texture a lot more. A sort of in between vanilla and the new re-texture.

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After finding them in game I have to agree with you two. While I still like the way the Dragon Priest face looks the armor and weapons is bad. The Ice Wraith look good though so it's not a total loss. Next time I will fully test a mod before I put it up here.

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