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v2.2.0 - Feedback & Bug Reports

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After diving back into the game for some time, I've discovered some changes that I'd like to make:

  • alter asteroid field shapes as they're blotchily placed in vanilla and are far to wide
  • spread the asteroids out more and make them generally a bit larger
  • reduce the general color in space while maintaining nebulas (CSO Darker Space does this a lot, but it's not enough)
  • possibly increase the grass render distance

That is just a few things that I've noticed that will be within the next update.

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I will have to wait a bit to find out for certain, but I believe there is no concern with the v3.98 game update and the current version of the Resource Files. I've been working a few hours a night to try to figure out the asteroids. There is limited control with them so it will be what it is. I've at least been able to make them make more sense.

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