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Simple Activate SKSE (by powerofthree)

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Simple Activate SKSE by powerofthree
Wiki Link

SKSE plugin with customizable INI configuration.

Offers several activate prompt customization options, such as:

  • Hide activate button ( [E] )
  • Hide activate text (Take, Harvest, Sleep)
  • Streamlined indicator with customizable colors for Steal/Pickpocket/Owned/Locked/Empty
  • Hide or create custom tags for Locked/Empty
  • Removing ALL activate prompts for NPCs/activators/containers/doors/furniture/items/flora/projectiles (this will override above options)

Please see screenshots on the Nexus mod page.

I love this mod. I'm a big fan of minimalistic UI for maximum "immersion". I've been using the default settings which remove all prompts except the color-coded name of the object/NPC, but I reverted the 'Custom Locked tag for all locked items' to vanilla (i.e. showing the lock level).

Some gotchas:

  • As noted in the comments section, if an item uses a Activate Text Override, it won't be shown by this mod if the activation text is configured to be hidden. It's not an issue for any vanilla activator as far as I'm aware, but some mods may use this text override to display some additional message.
  • Also noted in the comments section, the Locked status doesn't update in real time when using No Lockpick Activate (SKSE) - Updated.

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