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Can not copy HighHrothgarEntrance from MajesticMountains_Landscape.esm into DynDOLOD.esm




I'm a fairly noob at modding, and doing my best despite limited knowledge/understanding of the finer details.. so my problem might be easily solved by someone more experienced. None the less, here goes. 

Been trying to use DynDOLOD (via MO2) for the first time, and I keep running into this issue:

Can not copy HighHrothgarEntrance [CELL:000096CD] (in Tamriel " Skyrim" [WRLD:000003D] at 12,-9) from MajesticMountains_Landscape.esp into DynDOLOD.esm

I've read on dyndolod.info and in several posts on this forum, that it might be caursed by a mod that overwrites the cell, and perhaps has a bad link.
I have tryed looking up the Cell in SSEedit, but found no errors there. I did however pinpoint the four mods that affected the cell:
- Unofficial Skyrim Patch
- Majestic Mountains
- Lanterns of Skyrim II
- Way Shrines of Skyrim

Turning of "Lanterns" and "Way Shrines" made no difference.
Turning of "Majestic Mountains" changed the errormessage to:

Can not copy HighHrothgarEntrance [CELL:000096CD] (in Tamriel " Skyrim" [WRLD:000003D] at 12,-9) from Unofficial Skyrim Special Eddition Patch.esp into DynDOLOD.esm

Turning of both "Majestic Mountains" and the "Unofficial Skyrm Patch" (as did turing of all four), changed the message to:

Can not copy HighHrothgarEntrance [CELL:000096CD] (in Tamriel " Skyrim" [WRLD:000003D] at 12,-9) from Skyrim.esm into DynDOLOD.esm

I tryed updating the mods in question, but to no avail. So I'm at a loss for how to resolve the issue.

Hope you can help, since I really would like to use DynDOLOD.

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FAQ: DynDOLOD.exe: Can not copy xxxx from xxxx.esp into xxx.esp
A: Often caused by a broken bashed patch. Use a newer Wrye Bash version to create the patch or do not use the merge patches option. 
A: There is a plugin in the load order with errors. Check the load order for errors with xEdit.exe before generating LOD. Fix all errors. See this video for help.

If problem persists post error report with entire contents (not just the last couple lines) of ..\DynDOLOD\bugreport.txt (if it exists) and ..DynDOLOD\Logs\DynDOLOD_[GAMEMODE]_log.txt to https://stepmodifications.org/forum/forum/223-shesons-dyndolod-xlodgen/

You might want to try DynDOLOD 3 Alpha. It might provide a better error message.

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