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Undeath Remastered (by Antioch08)


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Undeath Remastered by Antioch08
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This mod adds a quest to seek out and destroy an evil necromancer. You can choose the "good" route, destroy the necromancer and sabotage all his efforts, or the "bad" route, where you still destroy the necromancer but also allows you to become a lich. A reward you can claim is the Staff of Worms, which allows you to resurrect a dead body permanently.

The quest in the Dragontail Mountains takes you into a dungeon that you can get lost in. Don't assume you can just go whatever way and find your way to the correct location. You have to explore all the rooms, and look out for hidden chains hiding hidden secrets.

There are several bugs with this mod, most of which can be fixed by using Undeath - Classical Lichdom mod. You also will need: Undeath - XPMSSE - Strange Runes - Skeleton Patch for XPMSSE and CACO Undeath Patch to work with CACO. Still, you can find some issues, such as a few landscape seams, "disappearing" walls in the main dungeon, some landscape glitches in the dungeon. Nothing too major. Also, a lot of magical NPCs will have a swirling magical effect around them, even when they are dead.

One bug I have in my game is certain mage outfits are glitched, to where if I look at them in my inventory, the whole game freezes up for about a minute. I'm uncertain if this mod caused it or another mod. Whatever is causing this, I can't tell, and is most likely a script, as I couldn't find any conflict with them in xEdit.

I played the "good" route, so I didn't become a Lich, so I can't comment on that. However, the quest is enjoyable and feels lore-friendly enough. You can gain a player home with it too.

The ability to transform soul gems into the black soul gems may be a bit overpowered. I wish this mechanic was more like the similar Soul Cairn altars, where you could only use them one time, and undead rise up and attack you when you do. As it is, if you have 50 soul gems, you can transform all of them into black soul gems easily enough after gaining access to the altar and killing the surrounding creatures. The Ideal Masters I'd think would be mad at this ability.

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