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Font DPI Scaling Issue With A 4K and 1080P Monitor Setup



Screenshot of the problem:


I dragged SSEEdit from my 1080P Monitor to my 4K Monitor. Most things scaled properly, except for the font and title bar. I did it again. The font got smaller.

My monkey brain thought this was funny, so I continued until I couldn't read it anymore. Well, there was NOTHING funny about it AT ALL.

When I restarted, the font stayed the same.

Overriding Windows DPI scaling to System for the Mod Organizer and xEdit applications didn't work. Running xEdit manually outside of MO didn't work. Changing theme didn't work. Deleting and reinstalling xEdit didn't work. Setting my windows scaling to 350% makes the font a little bigger, but still barely readable. Changing my Main Display in Windows/Nvidia and relaunching didn't work.

I've been crying from troubleshooting an infinite loading screen error for the past 2 days and I need xEdit to help troubleshoot it. I miss Lydia. Please help.

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I am almost certain that it's an OS-level or display-level issue and not an application issue (although certain apps may be sensitive to it).

Since you have multiple monitors, I would test display settings and basically make your OS think that you only have one monitor (the 4K). Make sure taht this monitor is the only one plugged into your box and ensure you are using your optimal display port on your card. Reboot once the OS is displaying your desktop and Windows apps correctly. Update your display drivers (keeping the one-monitor system in place). Verify your display driver settings for the 4k display (these may have different requirements/optimizations).

Then check MO and xEdit once all seems kosher (after reboot). Once all is well in this config, THEN plug in your old monitor and troubleshoot the multi-display issues if they persist (hopefully, they will not).

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