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Item/object magnetism settings?

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So, I've started collecting books, but it's super difficult to place them neatly in a bookshelf because there seems to be some kind of magnetism on the books and other objects.  Books will cling or jump to various objects and other books, and spin on various axis (uncontrollably to me).  Is there a setting I can change or a command?

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More info please because obviously I'm missing something important, or not met a condition, as I see no prompt to place books and holding them near a shelf doesn't do anything.

Perhaps because I don't own a home so the bookshelves are not mine?  I decided to use the home of one of my dead followers until the Jarl says otherwise or I'm kicked out.

The effect doesn't apply only to books though, but every item or many many items it seems, where there is some kind of magnetism making placing or manipulating/rotating items difficult.

Maybe the effect happens in some instances and not others?  Eg. I noticed that in Markarth's apothecary a difference to other shops I've been in so far, in that items that were on display disappeared when I purchased all the items from the vendor's list, whereas other shops with items on display remained on display leaving only the option to steal them if I wanted them as they were not representative of the vendor's inventory stock of for sale items.

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You cannot go storing stuff in your dead follower's house. The game will reset the cell after a period of time, and you will lose all your stuff. You can only put books on shelves that have the necessary bookshelf functions attached to them. This is a game, not real life. You cannot stack things around your house like in real life. The game simply does not support this functionality.

Vendor's inventory has no relevancy with the items displayed in their store. Again, this is a game, and it is not designed that way.

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Oh, thank you.  I will hopefully find my things and remove them before any house reset.

I couldn't figure out why I was given an inheritance note from the Jarl (or how the Jarl was so quickly informed of the death...), so I thought maybe I could work something with the house.

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1 hour ago, anonymouselbow said:

Items are still there, I guess saves can also act as a precaution for cell resets.  I have now 3300 overencumbrance...

I did notice that sleeping in the follower's house didn't work as well as at an inn, often not getting the well rested state.

your items are recorded in your saves, since it's a snapshot in time ... I think if you remove a mod that adds a new item, a corresponding save could become corrupt though.

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