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Is there STEP recommended mod list for SkyrimVR?

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I finally caved and purchased an Oculus Quest 2 this week and was able to get it connected to my pc and purchased SkyrimVR. I'm finding all sorts of conflicting info on which mods to install and if one should or shouldn't use something like wabbajack. Is there a STEP guide or one in the works? Is there something similar that you would recommend? I've been sifting through info for hours and can't seem to find one that I want to dive into. Can a person use the STEP SE guide for the graphic improvements? I'm running an i7-10700k with 32gb of RAM and an rx580 8gb card. Is SkyrimVR much more taxing than regular Skyrim SE?

Thanks in advance for any advice or answers!

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VR is more taxing on your system, yes, but the Guides aren't designed for VR. I don't think any are being considered either. You can certainly try to use the Guide to pick mods out for VR use, but pay close attention to mods that may have issues with it. The Guide, itself in its entirety, wouldn't work on VR as far as I'm aware.

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I have considered making a guide for SkyrimVR based off Step, but I've found I need to do more research/modding in order to do so, so it has been put on the back burner for now. Just on the surface, texture mods should all work fine. The main difficulty is with simple mod plugins, since Skyrim VR does NOT support ESL plugins, so that is another hurdle. A large portion of the SKSE plugins have VR ports, thankfully. Then there are a bunch of what I've found to be "necessary" VR mods that should be added on top of the Step guide. I had a list up and running, but I ran into unexplained crashes, that were probably because I was mostly being an idiot and trying to set it up really quickly.

Another thing that I need to more fully understand are the resolution settings for VR, as they're not simple at all. It's not like, my screen size is 1920x1080 so set the resolution to that. It's more like, the resolution is this, but because it's all curvy you got to have it more like this, but then that is too performance taxing, so most people do this, and then sharpen it. And there's like 5 different places to change resolution and sharpening.

So the resolution per eye is 1832 x 1920, so I guess that means effective resolution of 3664 x 1920, but because of distortion caused by the curving of the lens, you have to set it to like 40% higher than that to around 5408×2736 to get no blur....that's higher than 4k....

Now I'm rambling...

For your specs, however, you're going to need to keep things to a minimum to keep it playable.

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Thank you for the responses guys! Just the little bit of info you were able to share is helpful. I'll spend some more time researching on Reddit as they seem to have quite a bit of info on there. I'll keep the graphic mods to 2k and maybe even try the Wabbajack install just to see how it plays and then build from scratch after that. I wanted to ask here because I've had very little issues with 3 or 4 different STEP builds on oldrim and SE.

Crazy how fast technology moves. I built this machine a year ago and it took like 4 months to even find that rx580 and had to pay over double what they were when they came out. I built a dual boot machine so needed 10gen and that card to work. Thank you for all that you guys do!


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8 hours ago, brandonpotter0 said:

Has anyone come back to this to make a SkyrimVR STEP Guide yet? I was gifted a Quest 2 and SkyrimVR for christmas, and I have no idea where to start, aside from VRIK and HIGGS, as well as SkyUI-VR and the VR script extender.

Sorry, none of the current Step Staff have headsets to be able to create a "Step SkyrimSEVR Guide".

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