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Bash Installers for MO2



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17 minutes ago, zsark said:

So if I'm using MO2 for my mods do I even need to bother with installers when running wrye bash? Any consequence to having them enabled/present in wrye bash? (Pretty much just using this for the bashed patch function.)

'Installers' are needed to install mods. To me, they are a 7z archive containing a FOMOD or a folder structure conforming to Bethesda file-path standards.

Do you mean BAIN installers? MO doesn't care as long as the mod's folder structure is standard. BAIN installer folder structures conform to standards. There is likely a MO plugin for BAIN Wizards, but I never saw the need. FOMOD is the current standard, and BAIN can be installed using MO's installer helper with drag/drop. Do you have an example of what you are trying to do?

Wrye Bash should be run as an MO executable in order to properly generate the Bashed Patch based on your load order. This is a bit tricky to set up as I recall, since WB is launched via a Python launcher.

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