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Bounty anomaly

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1.  I was attacked by Thalmor Justiciars for giving an answer they didn't like about worship and I ended up killing all three.  I got a bounty of 1000.

a)  I have no idea how the crime was reported considered where the encounter happened seemingly far from anybody else, other than my follower and the prisoner that escaped as a result and I doubt the prisoner reported me.  If there is a spoiler aspect to this question avoid the reveal but seems bizarre why the bounty didn't fully reflect the so-called crime.

b)  I realized I had a bounty only when a guard approached me about it when I got to town.  I killed that guard and an additional guard thinking some conspiracy happening but the bounty remained at 1000.

c)  Why wasn't the original bounty for 3000 since 3 were murdered in the first group?  And why didn't the bounty increase when in all likelihood the murder of the town guards would've been noticed?

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