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Blubbo's Aspen trees custom mafe hybrid 3d trees lod issue



I'm experiencing issues with Blubbo's Aspen trees you can find on his youtube chanel.

I created my trunks and crowns as the doc explains (i'm not new to this, i created 3d hybrid tree lods for jedi trees already), i used the hybrid.bat to have things right and created my mod.

Ingame i noticed than the tree lods are almost twice in size than the full model and when i come closer to the lod, it shrinks like in half.

So i tought ok i messed up with my hybrid tree lod creation and to remove that from the equation i re ran dyndolod textgen and output using full model as lod4.

Strange thing is i get the same issue.

My load order is pretty vanilla (core mod like skse), dyndolod resources and blubbo's aspen trees meshes and textures without esp (i also tested with a custom esp overriding vanilla aspen records)

Could it come from the author aspen tree mesh itself? Jedi aspen trees hybrid lod i have created works fine

I am thanking you in advance for your help.


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