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Contributing To Guide Development


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We are usually working on guide updates for a supported game. Often, members post about specific mods or on existing mod topics advocating for the mod to be included in Step.

Please review our Workflow article before creating or posting screenshots on mod topics.

Relevant highlights from the article:

Mod Topics (any member)
  • If the mod topic doesn't exist, create a new one on the {GameName} Mods forum using the Mod Topic editor tool.
  • Any member can suggest mods for inclusion into a guide by creating the topic or posting on on an existing topic.
  • Suggesting a mod for inclusion into an official guide should be accompanied with a review and a rationale for the suggestion.

Mod Testing for New Guide Iteration

We are always testing new mods for the next guide iteration. In doing so, these mod topics will be marked with TESTING prefix. Mods that have past testing and will be adopted will have the ACCEPTED prefix. Mods that will be replaced or dropped from the guide will have the DROPPED prefix. These can be differentiated from past guide iterations by a tag representing the next version in development. At the time of this writing, 2.0.0 for SkyrimSE.

Anyone testing a mod for a new Step guide MUST have a complete and current Step install, including the mod being tested as well as any other mods in testing that could impact the testing mod. In other words, testers must have installed the Step guide in full and including all relevant mods in testing (and any mods tagged as DROPPED in the development iteration should be disabled).

If the mod makes visible changes to content, provide screenshot compares using the following standard series in a reply to the topic.

  1. Vanilla reference (first) screenshot: Step dev guide excluding any mods making changes to the content affected by the mod being tested. If no mods make such changes, then state as much in the post and skip this screenshot.
  2. Step reference (second) screenshot: Step dev guide including all mods plus any ACCEPTED mods for the current development version.
  3. Step With Test Mod (third) screenshot: Step dev guide including all mods with the 'testing' mod content overriding.
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