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Word Wall Transparency Fix for ENB (by wSkeever)

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Word Wall Transparency Fix for ENB by wSkeever
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I've had this in my modlist for a while and I don't even use ENB :blink: so I have no idea if it's effective or not. I'm posting this in case it helps with the ENB setup STEP is using. It's reportedly similar to the ENB transparency patch for Footprints.

Should be easy to test: they are just mesh replacements. They don't even overlap with any other mesh fix mods - and I've got a crapton of them! Just plug and play.

Refer to the Nexus page for pictures and more info.


STEP --> This mod

b4.jpg at.jpg

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I have definitely seen this issue. I will need to visit the Greybeards soon, so hopefully I can capture it. 

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16 minutes ago, DoubleYou said:

Added compares to OP. I vote to accept this mod.


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