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Skyrim Skill Uncapper(fixed) (by vadfromnu)

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Hmmm... the sticky post gives me pause, but it might be "better than nothing." 

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Well...at least they're honest about the state of the mod. This one might just end up being dropped if it's never ported properly.

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    • By Mousetick
      Discussion topic:
      Labyrinthian Shalidor's Maze Fixes by wSkeever
      Wiki Link
      This fixes a bunch of small layout glitches by repositioning objects and replacing meshes in the Shalidor's Maze area, and it adds sunlight.
      Install: if used with Assorted Mesh Fixes, they should overwrite it. There is an ESL plugin, which must be enabled.
      Conflicts: there is a minor conflict with Atlas Map Markers, which AMM wins using LOOT. It must be patched if sunlight is desired (see below). Otherwise no conflict with the current WIP STEP setup as far as I can tell.
      Before > After of one of the more noticeable fixes:

      Before > After of sunlight and shadows - only works if conflict with AMM is resolved:

      See Nexus page for more comparison screenshots.
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