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Universal Fog Remover (by Elys)


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2 hours ago, z929669 said:

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Universal Fog Remover by Elys
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I'd like to test this mod in the ENB/Obsidian Fog/Picta mix

Requires SKSE

I use it during development when I don't have a weather mod installed and need to push the fog out of the picture for better visuals. However, this shouldn't be needed in the Guide and will affect the way weather is designed, since some weather relies on fog to be present. It shouldn't be needed with Cathedral Weathers. It shouldn't be needed with Luminosity, which pushes the fog out of the scene, anyway, unless it chooses not to. It will not affect Obsidian, which is actually clouds not fog. It also shouldn't affect Picta, which is clouds too...unless Picta is doing more now.

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