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Deadly Spell Impacts Transparency Fix for ENB (by Korodic and Daralima)


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15 hours ago, Mercury71 said:

I am with z here. Se below pictures (STEP 2.0 with ENB).

What is the diff between these two shots? ENB/No ENB?

Either way, it's good, and a good example of why we should have an ENB. Snow in Skyrim sucks without it, IMO. Same for water to a lesser extent.

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This one overrides DecalsSnowHole01 and DecalSnowMelt01 to change TX03 - Glow/Detail Map from nothing to black.dds. Nothing else is changed and it does not include any assets (meshes or textures), so it uses the existing meshes and textures.

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36 minutes ago, z929669 said:

We can leave this in 09-Fixes, but since it only applies to ENB, it may be better classified into the Post-Processing ModGroup, since it isn't needed otherwise.


Put it in Post-processing. Some people prefer no ENB or a Reshade.

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