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Static Mesh improvement Mod - SMIM - Quality Addon (by Pfuscher, Brumbek & Rudy )


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I see no reason not to add this one. It's kind of hard to get good compares because the mod is mainly adding reflection/specular to the metal parts so they look more metal vs plastic. This is best seen during movement, but look at the metal:

SMIM > SMIM + Quality Addon
Handles, hinges, and chest
Step-Skyrim-SE248.png Step-Skyrim-SE244.png

Chains on rack (some UV fixes here too).
Step-Skyrim-SE249.png Step-Skyrim-SE245.png

Handles/Wood on dresser
Step-Skyrim-SE250.png Step-Skyrim-SE246.png

It's a subtle thing. Yes vote from me.

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