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Vokrii Perks For NPCS (by oyvveg)


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On 11/11/2021 at 11:58 PM, TechAngel85 said:

Added to v2.0 mod list

I added detailed instructions to download and install the Vokrii Perks For NPCS 50 main file based on your recommendation above.

The mod author incremented the version of the configuration files to 1.4, but the new release isn't visible in Mod Organizer because the main version is still 1.0.

  • Version 1.4
    • drastically reduced the change of some not so popular perks, also reduced inspire to the same amount since it could have a negative effect in testing.
    • removed some files who cluttered up the page.


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Potential improved alternative to this mod and to Odin Spells for NPCsNPCs Learn Skills and Spells.

It leverages SPID 6's ability to dynamically distribute to leveled NPCs, so they get more perks and spells at higher levels. Unlike this mod and Odin Spells for NPCs, It doesn't use a flat % chance to distribute, but a more refined, logical progression system. Its _DISTR.ini files are also better structured and easier to understand/modify. The mod author is the SPID co-developer with po3. It's still pretty new and rough, but it may be worth a look or keeping a watch on it. I've started to use it and dropped the other ones.

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