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Step's Guide-Maintenance Framework

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    • By TechAngel85
      xEdit Guide
      This is a comprehensive guide to the xEdit programs (TES4Edit, FO3Edit, FVNEdit, TES5Edit, FO4Edit, SSEEdit).
    • By frihyland
      Discussion thread:
      TES5Edit Mod Cleaning Guide by STEP
      Wiki Link

      Guide:TES5Edit Mod Cleaning STEP version WIP use the official version
      TES5Edit available now
      Official TES5Edit Cleaning Guide
      Everything you need to know about cleaning mods, open beta starts this weekend.
    • By TechAngel85
      ENB Guide
      Wiki Link

      DO NOT use this thread as a place to ask and receive support from the authors or anyone else who is assisting in this endeavor!
      There is an ENB Support Forum which is the proper place to request help and ask questions related to ENBs. Any form of these requests will be removed and placed in a more appropriate location. Lets keep this thread on topic and as knowledgeable and factual as possible!

      Purpose of this thread:
      You may or may not know that the ENB Guide is getting a bit of an overhaul. It's very much out of date and desperately needs attention. The goal here is simple:
      There is hardly any (easy to find) information out there about ENBs and all the parameters within. The aim of the ENB Guide is to pull together a magnitude of hard to find information into an easy to follow and detailed guide. User will be able to get what level of detail they wish from the Guide whether that is simply setting up their ENB very quickly or to gaining knowledge about the parameters in order to fine tune their ENB preset of choice. User will even be able to use the Guide to help them create a new preset from scratch if they so choice. This is quite a lofty goal; however, it really needs to be done... not only for the STEP users (STEPers) but also for the community as a whole.

      One of STEP's philosophies is the cathedral approach to modding; thus, the ENB Guide will be overhauled as a community. This brings me to the reason why this thread is in an open forum. Although I've recruited a couple ENB authors to help review the information in the Guide for accuracy and provide us with corrections and suggestions where needed, this is also a call out to the community to help provide feedback and suggestions on the content of the Guide as well.

      Anyone who is interested in contributing, please do so here in this forum. All help is welcome and especially from those who are knowledgeable about the workings of ENBs!

      Before getting started I would lay out the aim of each section of the Guide for reference:
        Introduction - aim is to provide introductory text to explain what ENBs are and the purpose of the ENB Guide. Quickstart - aim is to have users who wish to simply get their ENB up and running quickly without a ton of detail to be able to do so. Quickstarts are also used for the STEP Guide and are; thus, required. ENB Choices - aim is to provide users with a small selection of very well rounded/up-to-date ENBs which also offer a verity of different styles. These are overviews and not meant to be installation instructions since it is best to rely on the authors for those instructions. This also prevents the choices from becoming outdated so quickly. Also in this section is an offering of mods that compliment most ENB presets. Installation - aim is to provide an overview of the general installation process for ENBs. This is meant for informational purposes and users are encouraged to use the author's instructions rather than relying on the ones provided here Editing Enblocal INI - aim is to provide users with knowledge of every parameter listed in the enblocal.ini and what those parameters do in order to help them make informed decisions when editing the file. Editing Enbseries INI - aim is similar to the Enblocal section; however, only very basic information is provided for users. This section's detail goes no further than providing users with the information to adjust the quality of features and not their individual settings. This is done to hopefully prevent users from unintentionally messing up the intended design (look and feel) of the ENB presets and potentially causing for support questions; thus, this section allows them to only adjust the quality of the features which the authors implemented. Advanced Editing - the original aim of this section was to provide in-depth detail about all parameters in the enbseries.ini file. However, do to the level of detail required, this will most likely be split off into a separate guide entirely. Much of the information is already present...just hidden. ENB Addons - this section's aim is to provide information about ENB addons such as SMAA and ELE as well as instructions on how to install them. Troubleshooting - aim is to provide valuable information about common issues regarding ENBs and how to fix them.

      I'd like to thank everyone here that contributed for you contributions. For now, I'm considering the Guide complete and will attempt to revisit it once a month to keep it up-to-date.
      I will keep this thread open for the next couple of weeks for anyone to report any oddities or corrections. Once closed, I'll post a link to the ENB Guide thread for any future posts and replies.
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