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Constant CTD that drive me nuts

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Need help with fixing CTD problems.

i've been modding my game for a year now with none of these issues and as of late been having crashes with "BSTextureDB" and "BSLightingShaderProperty". I already wanted to change my mods so i thought heck it i'll start from scratch. Done that but half way trough i still have the same problems. Almost every report names a deferent mod... SMIM, High Poly Project, my grass mod, Majestic Mountains, NPC Overhauls, ect... these mostly  occurs at cities like Whiterun, Windhelm and Solitude, but isn't limited to it.

The crash reports of the last 3 days are in the attachment area. Hope anyone could help me 

Crash_2021_9_18_12-16-3.txt Crash_2021_9_18_13-4-29.txt Crash_2021_9_18_14-49-5.txt Crash_2021_9_19_11-57-27.txt Crash_2021_9_19_12-4-6.txt Crash_2021_9_19_12-8-35.txt Crash_2021_9_17_11-3-8.txt Crash_2021_9_17_11-52-23.txt Crash_2021_9_17_13-10-20.txt Crash_2021_9_17_13-13-49.txt Crash_2021_9_17_13-58-12.txt Crash_2021_9_17_15-15-30.txt

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