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Guide Release: Step Fallout New Vegas

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    • By TechAngel85
      Discussion topic:
      Stay At The System Page - Updated by Ryan/iammitochondrion/Fudgyduff
      Wiki Link
    • By Reize12
      I am currently modding New Vegas and using the current STEP NV guide (not fear and loathing). I've installed almost everything exactly as specified in the guide with a few deviations mainly involving armor and body mods (I'm using Type4 instead or Type3) and I installed New Vegas Redesigned 3 Revised over FCO and did not install it's attendant mods (last few edits, bug fixes).
      The issue I am experiencing is with the Altitude weather mod. With the mod installed the New Vegas strip looks like for lack of a better word, a super nova. From the outside and inside it is so bright it is almost white. If i disable Altitude it looks normal. I not sure what settings or conflicting mods could be causing this. I am not using an ENB or any kind of visual effects except what the guide has in it. The mod page on the nexus has a sticky telling people to enable full dynamic range and calibrate their monitors if they have brightness issues. I have done both and it has not made any difference I can see. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated, otherwise I may have to ditch the mod which would be a shame as it looks fantastic everywhere else in game.
      Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
      Here are some screenshots for reference
      https://ibb.co/L14t1vQ  With Altitude
      https://ibb.co/K6ygkCt  Without Altitude
    • By Mkchief34
      I recently installed the latest Wyre Bash update, 310 Beta 1. I installed it because whenever I would try to save my Bashed Patch esp for Fallout: New Vegas, I would get this particular error message, and the patch itself does not save.
      "< not supported between instances of 'nonetype' and 'int'".
      It would also not register the masters for the patch in the screen section  beside the load order. I have reinstalled Wyre Bash, I have also deleted the previous patch (Which also had the same error), and I don't know what else to do in this case. U have some coding knowledge, but I think it won't help here.
      What should I do? I have attached a screenshot below of the error messsage itself and how no masters show up in the section for them in the GUI.

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