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Worldspaces with Grass SSEEdit Script for No Grass In Objects (by DoubleYou)

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Worldspaces with Grass SSEEdit Script for No Grass In Objects by DoubleYou
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This is an SSEEdit script that can be used to populate the "OnlyPregenerateWorldSpaces" setting for No Grass In Objects. This increases the speed of precaching grass by eliminating worldspaces that do not have grass in them.



Extract the "List grass in worldspaces.pas" file to your SSEEdit installation's "Edit Scripts" folder.


  1. Open SSEEdit and load all your plugins.
  2. Once the "Background Loader: Finished" message appears, right click anywhere in the left pane and select "Apply Script...."
  3. In the window that appears, in the Script dropdown, select List worldspaces with grass and click OK.
  4. Wait for it to finish processing. This may take a minute or two, depending on how many mods you have.
  5. When the Worldspaces with grass window appears, right-click the highlighted text and select "Copy".
  6. Click OK and exit SSEEdit.
  7. Open GrassControl.config.txt from NGIO (it's under Text Files in the mod information window in Mod Organizer) and paste the contents between the quotation marks of the OnlyPregenerateWorldSpaces setting.
  8. Save GrassControl.config.txt

Precaching grass will now only look at the worldspaces specified in OnlyPregenerateWorldSpaces, so it will take less time to finish.



Delete the "List grass in worldspaces.pas" file from your SSEEdit installation's "Edit Scripts" folder.

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Yeah, I guess I would have named it "Grass xEdit Script - NGIO"

@DoubleYou did you get a hold of meh? I see he is active on that Discord sheson linked.

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Not yet. Long name is for SEO. Not trying to make it a brand, just make it easy to be found in search results. If I used "Grass xEdit Script - NGIO" , very few people would find it. 

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I tested this, and it works great.

@DoubleYou I haven't looked yet, but does meh incorporate this into NGIO now? If not, please mark 'accepted', since we will be using it in 2.0.0 if you agree.

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