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Question regarding excluded worldspace “Vigilant” and “Sky City”



Hey folks, i’ve searched on the forum and haven’t found an answer, so I was wondering why sky city (Markarth) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22482 is disabled by default in the world ignore.txt? Does it cause issues? Ideally, it would be nice to see the LOD, but if there are stability or performance issues I understand. I just can’t find an answer. I also searched for an answer about LOD generation in Vigilant, but didn’t see a dedicated answer, though I’m assuming there was little benefit maybe? Has anyone or does anyone successfully generate LOD for these spaces? Takes me a while to generate spaces, so wanted to see if anyone else had prior experience before blindly trying.


I’ve  been using 3.0 alpha

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Plugins adding new references to child worlds sometimes do not work well with the automatic copying of new references from the child world to the parent world because for example
1) the copied references are really out of place in the parent or the result is incomplete (no backsides of buildings for example)
2) the mod takes care of the LOD representation in the parent world itself.
3) the additions do not actually need a LOD representation because those would be hardly visible
In such cases all additions to the child worldspace added by the plugin might be ignored via the DynDOLOD_[GAMEMODE]_mod_world_ignore.txt config file.

Sometimes new worldspaces added by plugins are filtered out by default, because generating LOD for them might not be useful or requires special attention. Some examples are
1) small worldspace that does not really need (updated) LOD
2) the mod was made without user LOD generation in mind, cut content, missing assets etc.
3)  visual issues because the mod ignores Bethesda file naming conventions or other weird things mod authors sometimes do
Typically the "vanilla" LOD is good enough and/or nobody was so far interested in spending time on updating/adding new configs, patches or creating LOD assets for such mods. In such cases the worldspace is ignored  via the DynDOLOD_[GAMEMODE]_worldspace_ignore.txt so it doesn't show in the worldspace drop down box.

If you are interested why exactly a mod/plugin/worldpace is ignored and can not find it specifically mentioned in documentation or being discussed on this forum (like Bruma), I suggest to remove it from the ignore list and test for yourself if the visual results are OK, the LOD actually improves or (still) has really bad visual issues.

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