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Step Skyrim SE - CR Patch - Plugin Form 43


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Hey Ho,

First. Thanks for the Guide, it is now the 7 th? Time since the first versions i was going through. Still no idea about modding, but quite good at fix all the Problems. So Loot is fine etc. Just one Message in MO2 is still there, see below. Should i change it via Creation Kit or can i ignore it? Since it is a offical Step Guide Patch ^^. 

• Step Skyrim SE - CR Patch.esp (form 43)

Form 43 (or lower) plugins are modules that were made for Skyrim LE (Oldrim) and have not been properly ported to Skyrim Special Edition, which uses form 44 plugins. This usually results in parts of the mod not working correctly.

To be converted, these plugins simply need to be opened and saved with the SSE Creation Kit but their presence can be an indication that a mod was not properly ported to SSE and so can potentially have additional issues.

Online guides can have more information on how to correctly convert mods for Skyrim SE.

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