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Nifskope not applying loaded textures

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I am new to nifskope and modding morrowind in general so I am sorry if this is a stupid or already answered question.
I have made a .nif file for a morrowind mod with a texture of the same name. I thought this would be enough but when loading the game with the plugin, the sword exists but it is invisible, I searched online and found that using nifskope may help. I loaded the nif into nifskope and also the texture, they are both present as blocks however the texture is not applied to the mesh. I have searched around but have not been able to fix this issue, does anybody know what the issue could be?

Things I have tried:
In the resources tab, I have set the folder to the textures folder with the path being

"C:/Users/(my username)/Desktop/Games/Morrowind stuff/Morrowind/Morrowind/Morrowind/Data Files/Textures/"

I have tried using "Alt + T" being the render textures command but nothing happened (I don't know if that is how I use it, it is just something I tried)
I've tried applying a new texture in place of mine and that also only shows in the block list and not on the mesh; I know the problem isn't my custom texture.


Again I am sorry if this question has been answered but I couldn't find a solution 


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In Skyrim (and I assume the same applies to Morrowind and Oblivion), the path to the texture file in the NIF is something like "textures/armor/bandit/boots.dds" so I think your resource path should be one level above textures:


"C:/Users/(my username)/Desktop/Games/Morrowind stuff/Morrowind/Morrowind/Morrowind/Data Files/"

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