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F4SE Preloaders - Are they worth it?

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Hello.  Im trying to put together a Fallout 4 guide, and I have some questions.




Im looking at these seven F4SE doo-dads, and I'd like to know if they're recommended:


xSE PluginPreloader F4 (manual install)


PrivateProfileRedirector F4 - Faster game start (INI file cacher)  


Address Library for F4SE Plugins


Baka ScrapHeap-Script Memory Limit Expander


Buffout 4


Auto Gamepad Switch




Canary Save File Monitor




They all seem to have tangible benefits.  But they also may be difficult to use.  Are they stable, or necessary, or effective? 


Any opinions or experiences would be appreciated.



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With the exception of Auto Game Switch, I use all of the above mods. I can say they have improved the stability of my game considerably. I would add in High FPS Physics Fix as it decouples the games speed from the framerate.  

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15 hours ago, Miko19 said:

Don't use Baka ScrapHeap with Buffout, the author of the Baka mods said so themselves as Buffout supersedes its memory handling.

Somehow I missed that. This is good to know, thanks.



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@boycadNot sure where you are publishing your guide, but if it's on the Step wiki ... so you and others know, we have a means of displaying links to unofficial guides on the game home pages (e.g., Fallout4:Wiki). In order to do so, you can add the following code to the top of your guide (or wherever). Just replace <Username> and <Guidename>

{{#set: Game={{NAMESPACE}}
}}__NOTITLE__[[Category:{{NAMESPACE}} Guides]][[Category:Unofficial Game Guides]]{{DISPLAYTITLE:<Username>-<Guidename>}}

Ideally, the guide should be moved to a page like:


... but as long as it's in the relevant namespace (Fallout4: in this case), your guide will be listed under Unofficial Guides in the game home page. We have included some examples of other user-created guides here.

Ultimately, members have the option of constructing their guides using our mod pages, which is nice for everyone, since the mod pages are available then for ANY guide (and they allow for guide-specific instructions). You can read over the Step Portal for general instructions on how to do all of this (see game portal page of interest, like Fallout4 Portal). The other benefit of this is that user guides have mod tables consistent with the site look/feel.

None of this is required, but we will likely scrape the wiki for user guides now and then and configure so that they appear on game home pages.

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