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Identified CTD: Conflict with mod Trim the Fat - Hagraven


I'm not certain I am doing this correctly so forgive me if I am not. 


After days of trying to figure out the cause, it seems the mod Trim The Fat - Hagraven (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/32177) was causing a CTD for me while using DynDOLOD. The CTD was occurring between Fort Greymoor and North Brittleshin Pass.



I followed the DynDOLOD-README steps in order to find the cause of the CTDs which pointed me to the following: 




Doing a search for the hagravenfenceXX.nif, I found that the Trim the Fat-Hagraven mod contained the last in my load order.



Anyhow, I've started new games the past few days to be certain, ran the mod through NIF Optimizer, CAO, etc and nothing seems to make the mod work for me in my game so I got rid of it and reported it on the mod page. I wanted to report it here as well in the event someone else is having the same issues. 



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