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Can someone help me decode my NetScriptFramework crash report? Another save ruined by mods, not sure why.


This time, Skyrim SE is crashing to desktop on save. Save file is about 9600 KB. Contents of NetScriptFramework crash report posted here: https://pastebin.com/hQXAEeTk.
What does it all mean?
I followed the STEP guide to the letter. I then added a few minor mods (Windyridge Cottage, Tomebound, Dynamically Disable Eye Adaptation and Bloom) that, I noted, did not conflict with anything in the STEP guide before generating LODs and starting the new game. Save has about 125 hours in it at this point.
Tried setting Engine Fixes SaveGameMaxSize to True, uiCompression=0. It looks like the uncompressed save is no good...they're actually getting larger than 128 MB uncompressed. I'll also try uiCompression=1 and see if it helps. Now crashing on load of an uncompressed save. New crash report: https://pastebin.com/rVfkfvhY.
Am I screwed?

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