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I've updated this template slightly. After seeing its use on several pages it seems a lot of users (including myself) end up starting the content with a line break. Therefore, I've put this into the template itself. I think it looks nicer and now the content always sets away from the visual elements of the alert. I've also ensured the margins behave correctly; thus, users shouldn't require any line breaks before or after the template anymore...as it has nice 2em top and bottom margins. Several other small tweaks to get it to display more visually appealing, like slightly brighter font.

MO Note template was also merged into this one. It's not the same style as the old MO Note template, but it's inclusion here allows it to be consistent with the other alert styles.

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Templated updated
The TOC for the Template:Alert was outside the "noinclude" area, thus the template was forcing a TOC to display even on pages that had __NOTOC__ set. The template page's TOC has been moved inside the "noinclude" area to fix this issue.

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Template updated

  • Separated the values more distinctly on the parameter lists
  • Added Starfield as the first game parameter
  • Added small images to the Icon optional list
  • Fixed the broken Including Lists example on the Alert template
  • Updated some formatting for consistency between the two templates
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