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Cleaned Skyrim SE Textures (by Kartoffels)

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On that image, you're seeing CSSET reintroducing the faking shadowing that was present in LE. It looks horrible in SE's lighting.


This mod is providing a few thousand unconflicted textures...so we're trying to judge based off a small set. Personally, I don't see any benefit of including this, however, on the flip side 90% of the "issues" are already overwritten by other mods in STEP...it's an odd and tough call.

I have to agree that it is a tough call for many reasons. I was trying to get my head around which textures will be used from this mod (that aren't overridden by other mods), but unfortunately Mod Organizer doesn't reveal the conflicts in BSAs yet and I'm not quite prepared to extract all BSAs to get a handle on it.

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I think you are referring to the bush/vine behind Ria at Pelagia Farm in the third set of screenshots? This one stands out to me because the CSSET version seems significantly darker for some reason. If not, I'm confused... ;-)

I'd like to see the lone tree and the one behind Ria close up compares to determine if the mips are messed up in CSSET.


Agree with Tech though. I've lost a bit of faith in this mod, since it seems like it may have been created hastily using broad strokes (batch-file processed, BSAs packed incorrectly, identical-to-vanilla textures included, vanilla replacement BSAs). I suspect that all of the hard work of examining and verifying each texture in game has not been done (and I don't blame the MA for not doing if that's the case ... let the community nitpick to find the issues).

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I just don't think this mod is worth it for the Guide. Of the ~4269 unconflicted textures, 4064 are terrain LOD textures that users are never going to see up-close because we're generating the ones that matter ourselves. That only leaves 205 textures that are not covered. Of these, I've looked at a few. Most the gradients still have artifacts and/or banding and some have new artifacts introduced from the "batch handling" of the files. I just don't think it's worth the massive download for ~200 textures.

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