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JS Purses and Septims SE (by johnskyrim)

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IMO, anything is better than current Gold Septim - Coins Retex

That mod is not an improvement to vanilla, because it transforms coins from albeit lower res but 'embossed'-looking into flat, cartoonish circles.

In fact, CSSET (also proposed) includes the coin diffuse/normal vanilla replacer, which is worn and quite realistic, IMO. With SMIM's mesh improvement to purses, I think it's best if we don't use this and drop Gold Septim - Coins Retex in favor of CSSET/SMIM.

CSSET coins uses 256 k diffuse/normal, which seems appropriate. Not sure about coin piles though or what the original SSE vanilla coin resolution is.
Here is a compare, vanilla > CSSET > this mod > Gold Septim. Note that CSSET does not replace piles, so that is vanilla. Also Gold Septims - Coins Retex does not provide a replacer for a pile variant, so I think we need to drop that for consistency. For whatever reason one of the piles disappeared when using this mod, but I was able to create them no problem, so must've been a glitch (formids: 04018486 04018488. To spawn coins: player.placeatme F 1 [repeat at least 5x, or they will disappear in the ground])
PdRp5TF2_o.png SpEilpld_o.png hgXMNUl2_o.png Pgu0Dzcn_o.png 0EM7P3rM_o.png 1w5GtlhC_o.png
Based on this, I think individual coins are fine without this mod. I like them a bit more, really. Coin piles from this mod are better. Enough for a total replacer? Maybe.

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Yeah, I'm not so sure about that color. Really...it's the only thing putting me off. CSSET seems to be fine, imo. There are other replacers for this out there that could be tested.

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That color reminds me of chocolate candy coins lol.

I never have been happy with coin retextures. Many of them stick out to much in game for such a small item.

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